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Cupulocrinus jewetti crinoid from the Bobcaygeon Fm.

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Author: Dave
Date: 2020-06-27 06:01:00
Blog: Views of the Mahantango


This is a partial Crinoid from the Bobcaygeon formation in Gamebridge, Ontario, Canada. I found it a few years ago on a field trip and a friend, Malcolm, cleaned it up for me. The crinoid is named Cupulocrinus jewetti and this is a pretty good example. The stem and some arms are missing but otherwise it is a decent specimen.  It is one of the few articulated crinoid specimens that I have found myself. The Bobcaygeon formation is Ordovician in age (late Ordovician, Katian/Mohawkian stage).I used William Hessin's book "South Central Ontario Fossils", 2009, Self Published, pg. 244 to help identify this fossil.

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