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Thursday, 13 June 2019

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ITVA Altlastensymposium 2019 

Mente et Malleo [22:23:42]  recommend  recommend this post  (20 visits) info
Wie auch in den letzten Jahren, hatte ich auch in diesem die Gelegenheit, an dem Altlastensymposium des Ingenieurtechnischen Verbandes für Altlastenmanagement und Flächenrecycling e.V. (kurz ITVA) teilzunehmen. Es fand allerdings anders, als noch im letzten … Weiterlesen Der Beitrag ITVA Altlastensymposium 2019 erschien zuerst auf Mente et Malleo.

A Beautiful Day to be in Norway 

polar soils blog [21:08:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (14 visits) info
We took a break today from working on research projects to go for a hike just over the border in Norway. We stopped for a quick photo op at the border. The group is split between Norway and Finland: Antero, the research station director, was our guide for this hike since it’s a spot he found and knows well. Most of the trip involved walking along a road built during WWII by Russian prisoners of war. (Because Finland had at that time only recently declared independence from Russian rule, they [...]

Supersaurus, Ultrasaurus and Dystylosaurus in 2019, part 1: what we know now 

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [20:49:10]  recommend  recommend this post  info
It’s time to revisit everyone’s favourite trio of apocryphal super-sized sauropods! (Yes, we’ve talked about this before, but only very briefly, and that was nearly eleven years ago. Things have moved on [...]

The Bone Wars: A Real Life Battle For Bones 

BEYONDbones [17:04:49]  recommend  recommend this post  (10 visits) info
Today on Beyond Bones I’m going to tell you a story of two Victorian Academics who spent the majority of their careers going to absolutely ridiculous lengths to out-science each other in a decades long clash [...]

Climate Service Initiative Begins Work on a New Continent 

State of the Planet [14:49:27]  recommend  recommend this post  info
After a decade of development in Africa, the ENACTS initiative is expanding to Bangladesh this

Explosion am Gunung Agung 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [10:17:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (81 visits) info
Der Gunung Agung auf Bali eruptierte letzte Nacht eine weitere Aschewolke. Die Explosion ereignete sich um 1:38 Uhr WITA und förderte Vulkanasche bis in einer Höhe von 9100 Metern. Glühende Tephra wurde [...]

Sidestrand: a complex coastal cliff landslide captured on video 

The Landslide Blog [08:19:33]  recommend  recommend this post  (20 visits) info
A video has been widely shared showing a very complex, dynamic landslide in glacial materials on coastal cliffs at Sidestrand, eastern England The post Sidestrand: a complex coastal cliff landslide captured [...]

Lahirnya Gunung Berapi Baru 

Dogeng Geology [17:52:04]  recommend  recommend this post  (16 visits) info
Sebuah gunung berapi baru telah lahir di lepas pantai pesisir timur benua Afrika sejak sekitar setahun yang lalu. Tersembunyi di kedalaman Selat Mozambik, gunung berapi baru yang belum bernama ini tumbuh [...]

Earth’s water and the Moon 

earth-pages - Research News from the Earth Sciences [14:54:12]  recommend  recommend this post  (103 visits) info
Note: Earth-Pages will be closing as of early July, but will continue in another form at Earth-logs Where did all our water come from? The Earth’s large complement of H2O, at the surface, in its crust and [...]

A Wooster Geologist at Austerlitz and other Czech places 

Wooster Geologists [12:13:14]  recommend  recommend this post  (1 visit) info
Olomouc, Czech Republic –At our very first site, Holubice in the Czech Republic, the Miocene celliporid bryozoans are like baseballs. The site is in the middle of a vineyard, with the fossils eroding out of [...]


Koprolitos [09:27:00]  recommend  recommend this post  info
Hace unos días traíamos por aquí "Dino Power", diseño de camiseta de Miguel Francisco Offidani (a.k.a. MeFO) para TeePublic que mostraba a Tony Montana a lomos de un tiranosaurio. En esta ocasión, el [...] | Impressum