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Thursday, 13 February 2020

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PATA Days in Chile 2020: registration & short abstracts due 28 February! 

Paleoseismicity [22:46:51]  recommend  recommend this post  (40 visits) info
Dear colleagues, Please make sure to register for the 2020 PATA Days in Chile before 28 February here: You can also book your hotels here and submit the short abstracts. There’s only a limited number of places due to the remote venue in a wonderful resort hotel – first come, first served. The PATA Days (Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics, Archaeoseismology) is the largest int’l meeting for the paleoseismology community and supported by INQUA. In Chile, a lot of [...]

Moedas com dinossauros 

Lusodinos- Dinossauros de Portugal [21:17:00]  recommend  recommend this post  info
Moedas de dinossauros? Em Portugal ainda não há nenhuma moeda que aborde o riquíssimo património geológico nacional, mas noutros países isso já existe: a Áustria está a lançar uma colecção que começa com uma magnífica moeda de 3€ com o Spinosaurus. Uma moeda com cor e fluorescente no escuro. O Canadá tem uma moeda de $20 dólares canadianos com o Tyrannosaurus rex, a África do Sul emitiu 25 Rand com Euparkeria, e o Reino Unido acabou de anunciar 0.5£ pence de libra com [...]

Using Big Data to Combat Catastrophes 

State of the Planet [18:54:54]  recommend  recommend this post  info
The PRISM project aims to harness large, multi-sectoral datasets in order to identify risk factors for catastrophic

What’s In A Birthstone?: Amethyst 

BEYONDbones [17:55:13]  recommend  recommend this post  (22 visits) info
Amethyst is a mineral known for its eye-grabbing violet hue. There are many examples of this beautiful sight within our Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals, but such a cultural influence can be found in other [...]

Porting scams continue 

Ontario-geofish [13:47:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (32 visits) info
Reference Immediately sign on to your provider and create a PIN.  Put that in a text file and upload it to Google drive.  Don't have any 2 factor auth that uses text messages.  Give up on text messages [...]

Un volcán y varios dinosaurios de peluche para que juegue tu mascota 

Koprolitos [10:27:00]  recommend  recommend this post  info
Chewy es una empresa norteamericana especializada en productos para mascotas: comida, medicamentos, ropa, complementos... y también juguetes. Como por ejemplo, este conjunto de peluches para perros [...]

Roger's Ignite comes in a 50% off Bell fiber 

Ontario-geofish [00:36:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (23 visits) info
So, I pay $150 a month for a 'clean' 1 Gigabit direct fiber connection.  That connection is solid and has never dropped.  The Rogers guy came, and claimed he was a manager, and would give 1G for $95, but I [...]

Nova espécie de cavalinha fóssil com 303 milhões de anos e nome dedicado a João Pais 

Lusodinos- Dinossauros de Portugal [18:41:00]  recommend  recommend this post  info
Fóssil português de uma nova espécie de planta, semelhante às cavalinhas actuais, e respectiva galha revelam novidades sobre a relação entre plantas e insectos há cerca de 300 milhões de anos.As [...]

Jeff Fralick: Chasing Storms and Change 

State of the Planet [17:22:18]  recommend  recommend this post  info
Always weather-obsessed, Fralick enrolled in the Sustainability Science program because he wants to take on the threats of climate change and incorporate sustainable practices into everyday

DEUQUA 2020 "Connecting Geoarchives" 

Deutsche Quartärvereinigung [11:34:48]  recommend  recommend this post  (32 visits) info
Tagungshomepage / Conference website online Die Homepage der diesjährigen DEUQUA Tagung "Connecting Geoarchives" vom 13.-17. September in Potsdam ist jetzt online. Die Registrierung beginnt online [...]

Merapi eruptiert Vulkanasche 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [10:09:55]  recommend  recommend this post  (20 visits) info
Der indonesische Vulkan Merapi erzeugte eine explosive Eruption. Laut dem VAAC Darwin ließ sie Vulkanasche bis auf einer Höhe von 4900 m ü.N.N. aufsteigen. Das VSI berichtet davon, dass die Asche eine [...] | Impressum