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Friday, 26 June 2020

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New geo field trip to Chuckanut rocks posted on this website 

Northwest Geology Field Trips [21:14:09]  recommend  recommend this post  (127 visits) info
Dear Friends, I just posted a new virtual field trip. It is a 3-mile round trip walk on a logging road in the Chuckanut Mountains just south of Bellingham. It examines near-continuous exposures of a variety of rocks in the Chuckanut Formation. The road is gated so no vehicle traffic. You will see conglomerate transitioning

Yakama Nation Fishery Succeeds In Restoring Columbia River Sturgeon 

State of the Planet [19:50:21]  recommend  recommend this post  (97 visits) info
After near extinction due to overfishing, hydroelectric damming, and climate change, the Columbia River white sturgeon has made a comeback thanks to Indigenous-led

Applications of GPS in land surveying 

Grindgis [13:23:18]  recommend  recommend this post  (104 visits) info
Land surveying is a profession or a technique for determining 3d points, distances, and angles. These points or positions are usually on the earth’s surface for establishing boundaries or maps for ownership. [...]

Los dinosaurios pop de Buba Viedma 

Koprolitos [12:40:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (118 visits) info
Buba Viedma es un ilustrador afincado en Madrid que en 2007 creó el estudio creativo Mentecalamar, centrado principalmente en la ilustración y el diseño gráfico. Por aquel entonces, Viedma trabajaba [...]

GeoConservation Newsletter 

Geology in the West Country [10:45:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (79 visits) info
GeoConservation Newsletter The latest edition of the GeoConservation NewsLetter has been released and you can get it HERE. Or you can read it below. It is packed (in several senses!) with material. There is [...]

Piedra caracoleña en las neveras de Fuendetodos 

WeBlog Aragosaurus [09:24:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (109 visits) info
En nuestro proyecto #MinasOlvidadasdeAragon ya os hablamos de la piedra caracoleña. Aprovechando que ya podemos movernos libremente de un lado a otro, nuestro director se ha desplazado Fuendetodos para [...]

China: Erdbeben Mw 6,4 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [08:48:17]  recommend  recommend this post  (61 visits) info
Die chinesische Provinz Xinjiang wurde heute Nacht von einem Erdbeben der Magnitude 6,4 erschüttert. Das Hypozentrum lag in nur 2 km Tiefe. Das Epizentrum manifestierte sich in einer nahezu unbewohnten Gegend [...]


ARCHEA [03:07:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (2 visits) info
From years of field collecting, the drawers of the Geological Survey in Canada are filled to the brim. John Fam, Vice-Chair of the Vancouver Paleontological Society kindly lent me his photo from a recent field [...]

Application of GPS in civil engineering 

Grindgis [13:22:57]  recommend  recommend this post  (67 visits) info
The Global Positioning System (GPS) has gained massive popularity in many industries. Civil Engineering is one of the industries that largely rely on GPS data. Besides it often involves working in an [...]

Nishinoshima in Bestform 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [11:49:19]  recommend  recommend this post  (77 visits) info
Der japanische Inselvulkan Nishinoshima ist weiterhin sehr aktiv und sogar zur Bestform aufgelaufen. Das VAAC Tokyo registriert weitere Aschewolken. Sie steigen bis auf einer Höhe von 4600 m auf. MIROVA [...] Like a phoenix redux 

James’ Empty Blog [10:26:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (105 visits) info
Even odder than finding that our old EnKF approach for parameter estimation was particularly well suited to the epidemiological problem, was finding that someone else had independently invented the same [...]

Pietzsch, 1922. Geoliteratur 1870–1920 - #ebook [08:48:56]  recommend  recommend this post  (62 visits) info
Kurt Pietzsch, 1922. Die geologische Literatur über den Freistaat Sachsen aus der Zeit 1870–1920. Geologische Landesuntersuchung von Sachsen (G. A. Kaufmann) Leipzig: I–XII,

Melonechinus Sea Urchin Fossil 

Louisville Area Fossils [05:48:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (2 visits) info
This fossil was seen at the New Harmony Indiana USA Working Men's Institute Museum & Library in June 2020. It was identified as a Melonechinus sp. (Meek & Worthen, 1861, p. 396) from St. Louis [...] | Impressum