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Thursday, 02 July 2020

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Los Crystal Palace españoles 

Koprolitos [10:29:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (155 visits) info
La Reina María Cristina visita la réplica del Diplodocus carnegii El diplodocus que regaló Carnegie en 1913 al Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Madrid fue el único esqueleto de dinosaurio montado en España hasta el triceratops que en 1980 exhibió el Instituto de Paleontología de Sabadell. Los secularmente “fastuosos” presupuestos públicos para la investigación científica son culpables en buena medida de esta situación pero... ¿qué habría sucedido si hubiera existido una [...]

We are in a stagnant heat bubble 

Ontario-geofish [20:56:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (107 visits) info
We are in this clear, stagnant bubble.  It's so small that the warmies aren't trumpeting it.  A big cold front is trying to kill it, so we may have a cold day in July.  When the front comes through, I'll be catching fish again, maybe. The UK is freezing and they want another heat wave.  The guardian is still on the Siberian heat wave thing.   ps.  the heat bubble is strong.  That

Application of GPS in education 

Grindgis [16:59:01]  recommend  recommend this post  (92 visits) info
The global positioning system has developed rapidly hence becoming more accessible and cheaper. It has transformed to be used in universal applications. There are several reasons for investing in GPS in [...]

Tomotectonic Analysis of Western North America 

Geology in the West Country [16:00:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (80 visits) info
Tomotectonic Analysis of Western North America This is the first time I have come across this term. It means a tectonic plate reconstruction using both mantle and geological evidence. The paper which [...]

Application of GPS in Defence 

Grindgis [16:58:39]  recommend  recommend this post  (71 visits) info
Accurate military commanders have the most critical work to accurately date the location of enemies. Today, electronic information in the military serves as a great force of multiplier. The improvement of [...]

Application of GIS in health sciences 

Grindgis [16:58:23]  recommend  recommend this post  (62 visits) info
Medical advances are connected with technological advances. Also, medical researches and earth surfaces are interlinked with one another. Both have a common goal of securing human existence. We can consent [...]


ARCHEA [18:18:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (56 visits) info
A delightful Heteropteran collected this past year by Jim Barkley from Eocene exposures of the Green River Formation of Western Colorado. The specimen looks like he's been brushed as ink across rough [...]

Unforced Variations: July 2020 

Real Climate [04:01:57]  recommend  recommend this post  (10 visits) info
This month’s open thread for climate science

Rust in the Forest – complicated, but at times sweet 

In the Company of Plants and Rocks [23:09:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (87 visits) info
Little yellow fir tree on big green fir tree? First I spotted it—dense yellow growth on a subalpine fir (Abies lasiocarpa). Then I was hit by a powerfully sweet odor reminiscent of evening primroses [...]

It’s Time to Rethink the Practice of Whale Watching 

State of the Planet [16:27:56]  recommend  recommend this post  (75 visits) info
A scientist reflects on the potential harms of chasing whales with boats to try to get that perfect

Applications of GIS in education 

Grindgis [16:57:45]  recommend  recommend this post  (68 visits) info
The geographic information system has various uses in the field of education. It can be used efficiently in several levels of informal and formal education. Besides that, GIS will connect learners to their [...]

Applications of GIS in hydrology 

Grindgis [16:58:10]  recommend  recommend this post  (60 visits) info
A geographic information system is an important and useful tool in the hydrology sector. It helps to study as well as manage water resources on earth. Water resources have great demand hence need knowledgeable [...]


ARCHEA [08:34:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (29 visits) info
A sweet little water bug from the suborder Heteroptera (Latreille, 1810). He looks more like a cartoon character that any other specimen I've seen. This fun fellow is in the collections of Tim Dingman. The [...] | Impressum