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Nucula bellistriata pelecypod from the Ludlowville Fm.

It's rare to find whole Peleycpod shells with no distortion so I was quite pleased to find this Nucula bellistriata fossil. It comes from the upper Ludlowville Formation (Devonian, Givetain stage) at Geer Rd. Quarry in Madison County, NY. Both valves are present and it even appears that one valve may still be preserved with shell material. It would be nice if the hinge line were better exposed but there is a stubborn piece of rock still clinging to that section of the fossil.

Right valve
Left valve
Left profile
Right profile

The Devonian rocks of Madison county are closer in composition to those of my local Devonian rock, the Mahantango formation. I've found this same genera in the Mahantango with both valves but it is preserved as a internal steinkern (cast) with no external features. | Impressum