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TOP-30 papers in the TOP-10 journals of the SOIL SCIENCES category (V): PLANT AND SOIL

Interested in the most relevant soil articles of 2015? In this short series of posts I’ve compiled a list of the 30 most cited articles of the top ten journals in the category of SOIL SCIENCES. Today: PLANT AND SOIL. Do you miss something? Post your comment.         Abiven, S., Hund, A., Martinsen, V., Cornelissen, G. Biochar amendment increases maize root surface areas and branching: a shovelomics study in Zambia. 2015. Plant and Soil, 395 (1-2), pp. 45-55. DOI: Barrow, N.J. Soil phosphate chemistry and the P-sparing effect of previous phosphate applications. 2015. Plant and Soil, 397 (1-2), pp. 401-409. DOI: Cai, F., Chen, W., Wei, Z., Pang, G., Li, R., Ran, W., Shen, Q. Colonization of Trichoderma harzianum strain SQR-T037 on tomato roots and its relationship to plant growth, nutrient availability and soil microflora. 2015. Plant and Soil, 388 (1-2), pp. 337-350. DOI: Cardinael, R., Mao, Z., Prieto, I., Stokes, A., Dupraz, C., Kim, J.H., Jourdan, C. Competition with winter crops induces deeper rooting of walnut trees in a Mediterranean alley cropping agroforestry system. 2015. Plant and Soil, 391 (1-2), pp. 219-235. DOI: Cigan, P.W., Karst, J., Cahill, J.F., Sywenky, A.N., Pec, G.J., Erbilgin, N. Influence of bark beetle outbreaks on nutrient cycling in native pine stands in western Canada. 2015. Plant and Soil, 390 (1-2), pp. 29-47. DOI:, T., Kirchgessner, N., Le Marié, C.A., York, L.M., Lynch, J.P., Hund, A. Next generation shovelomics: set up a tent and REST. 2015. Plant and Soil, 20 p. Article in Press. DOI: Craine, J.M., Brookshire, E.N.J., Cramer, M.D., Hasselquist, N.J., Koba, K., Marin-Spiotta, E., Wang, L. Ecological interpretations of nitrogen isotope ratios of terrestrial plants and soils. 2015. Plant and Soil, 396 (1-2), pp. 1-26. DOI: Crous, K.Y., Ósvaldsson, A., Ellsworth, D.S. Is phosphorus limiting in a mature Eucalyptus woodland? Phosphorus fertilisation stimulates stem growth. 2015. Plant and Soil, 391 (1-2), pp. 293-305. DOI: Dai, Y., Zheng, X.-J., Tang, L.-S., Li, Y. Stable oxygen isotopes reveal distinct water use patterns of two Haloxylon species in the Gurbantonggut Desert. 2015. Plant and Soil, 389 (1-2), pp. 73-87. DOI: Fan, H., Wu, J., Liu, W., Yuan, Y., Hu, L., Cai, Q. Linkages of plant and soil C:N:P stoichiometry and their relationships to forest growth in subtropical plantations. 2015. Plant and Soil, 392 (1-2), pp. 127-138. DOI: Ferchaud, F., Vitte, G., Bornet, F., Strullu, L., Mary, B. Soil water uptake and root distribution of different perennial and annual bioenergy crops. 2015. Plant and Soil, 388 (1-2), pp. 307-322. DOI: Ge, T., Liu, C., Yuan, H., Zhao, Z., Wu, X., Zhu, Z., Brookes, P., Wu, J. Tracking the photosynthesized carbon input into soil organic carbon pools in a rice soil fertilized with nitrogen. 2015. Plant and Soil, 392 (1-2), pp. 17-25. DOI: He, W., Wu, F., Zhang, D., Yang, W., Tan, B., Zhao, Y., Wu, Q. The effects of forest gaps on cellulose degradation in the foliar litter of two shrub species in an alpine fir forest. 2015. Plant and Soil, 393 (1-2), pp. 109-122. DOI: Hilbig, B.E., Allen, E.B. Plant-soil feedbacks and competitive interactions between invasive Bromus diandrus and native forb species. 2015. Plant and Soil, 392 (1-2), pp. 191-203. DOI: Hobley, E., Wilson, B., Wilkie, A., Gray, J., Koen, T. Drivers of soil organic carbon storage and vertical distribution in Eastern Australia. 2015. Plant and Soil, 390 (1-2), pp. 111-127. DOI: Joy, E.J.M., Stein, A.J., Young, S.D., Ander, E.L., Watts, M.J., Broadley, M.R. Zinc-enriched fertilisers as a potential public health intervention in Africa. 2015. Plant and Soil, 389 (1-2), pp. 1-24. DOI: Kou, L., Guo, D., Yang, H., Gao, W., Li, S. Growth, morphological traits and mycorrhizal colonization of fine roots respond differently to nitrogen addition in a slash pine plantation in subtropical China. 2015. Plant and Soil, 391 (1-2), pp. 207-218. DOI: Manevski, K., Børgesen, C.D., Andersen, M.N., Kristensen, I.S. Reduced nitrogen leaching by intercropping maize with red fescue on sandy soils in North Europe: a combined field and modeling study. 2015. Plant and Soil, 388 (1-2), pp. 67-85. DOI: Navarro-Cano, J.A., Verdú, M., García, C., Goberna, M. What nurse shrubs can do for barren soils: rapid productivity shifts associated with a 40 years ontogenetic gradient. 2015. Plant and Soil, 388 (1-2), pp. 197-209. DOI: Nielsen, U.N., Prior, S., Delroy, B., Walker, J.K.M., Ellsworth, D.S., Powell, J.R. Response of belowground communities to short-term phosphorus addition in a phosphorus-limited woodland. 2015. Plant and Soil, 391 (1-2), pp. 321-331. DOI: Ova, E.A., Kutman, U.B., Ozturk, L., Cakmak, I. High phosphorus supply reduced zinc concentration of wheat in native soil but not in autoclaved soil or nutrient solution. 2015. Plant and Soil, 393 (1-2), pp. 147-162. DOI: Pariasca-Tanaka, J., Vandamme, E., Mori, A., Segda, Z., Saito, K., Rose, T.J., Wissuwa, M. Does reducing seed-P concentrations affect seedling vigor and grain yield of rice?. 2015. Plant and Soil, 392 (1-2), pp. 253-266. DOI: Podolich, O., Ardanov, P., Zaets, I., Pirttilä, A.M., Kozyrovska, N. Reviving of the endophytic bacterial community as a putative mechanism of plant resistance. 2015. Plant and Soil, 388 (1-2), pp. 367-377. DOI: Rees, F., Germain, C., Sterckeman, T., Morel, J.-L. Plant growth and metal uptake by a non-hyperaccumulating species (Lolium perenne) and a Cd-Zn hyperaccumulator (Noccaea caerulescens) in contaminated soils amended with biochar. 2015. Plant and Soil, 395 (1-2), pp. 57-73. DOI: Sun, C., Gao, X., Fu, J., Zhou, J., Wu, X. Metabolic response of maize (Zea mays L.) plants to combined drought and salt stress. 2015. Plant and Soil, 388 (1-2), pp. 99-117. DOI: van Bruggen, A.H.C., Francis, I.M., Krag, R. The vicious cycle of lettuce corky root disease: effects of farming system, nitrogen fertilizer and herbicide. 2015. Plant and Soil, 388 (1-2), pp. 119-132. DOI: Van Zwieten, L., Rose, T., Herridge, D., Kimber, S., Rust, J., Cowie, A., Morris, S. Enhanced biological N<inf>2</inf> fixation and yield of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) in an acid soil following biochar addition: dissection of causal mechanisms. 2015. Plant and Soil, 395 (1-2), pp. 7-20. DOI: Williams, M., Martin, S., Kookana, R.S. Sorption and plant uptake of pharmaceuticals from an artificially contaminated soil amended with biochars. 2015. Plant and Soil, 395 (1-2), pp. 75-86. DOI: Yao, H., Chapman, S.J., Thornton, B., Paterson, E. 13C PLFAs: a key to open the soil microbial black box?. 2015. Plant and Soil, 392 (1-2), pp. 3-15. DOI: Zhang, W., Zhao, J., Pan, F., Li, D., Chen, H., Wang, K. Changes in nitrogen and phosphorus limitation during secondary succession in a karst region in southwest China. 2015. Plant and Soil, 391 (1-2), pp. 77-91. DOI: | Impressum