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Left - Cape S. Vicente SW of Portugal (view from North)
I have been without posting for a while now (since I have returned from the Vienna EGU meeting) but I will now resume my blogging activity. It has been a rough period with a lot to do.
I am presently working in two papers concerning the tectonics of the Gulf of Cadiz region (i.e. the Iberia-Nubia plate boundary in the SW Iberia offshore). They both involve analogue modeling, and one of them also includes some 3D numerical modeling results. Both papers are the result of a wide collaboration with different colleagues of different institutions, and I’ll let you know all about it as soon as I submit the work (my mental dead-line is 1st of August, and at least one of them WILL be submitted before that, as for the other one I am fighting hard… I am fighting hard…)Left - Sand ripples in Beliche beach near Sagres (SW Portugal). 
Besides this I have been working in other stuff like preparing the discussion of a PhD seminar to the jury of which I was invited, discussing and writing abstracts to the next GeoMOD meeting (which dead-line submission was by the way postponed to the 15 of June!), helping undergrad students with their end term reports, preparing bureaucratic academic meetings of the Faculty Assembly (of which I am a member).Left - Crescentic scour-marks in the sands of Beliche Beach (SW Portugal)
Mean while I have been reading a lot about the tectonics of the Alps, since I will participate on a field course next August with Prof. T. Nagel and his students from Bonn University. I am really looking forward to see - with my own eyes - the beautiful structures of the most exhaustively studied European Orogen.
Right - Beliche beach in SW Portugal: the dots in the water are surfers waiting for the right wave)
In Lisbon it’s very hot! And one starts do day dream about the beaches in the south of Portugal: two more months of really hard work and I’m off with my family to 3 weeks of just that (besides the geology in those beaches is amazing, and one can even look at the outcrops from inside the water!) | Impressum