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Using crowds to communicate and innovate

Three pieces of information came together today, they merged and managed to spark some ideas in my prefrontal cortex.  First, a note from the organizers of "Landscapes into rocks" conference, which I will attend next week, asking for my permission to record the talk and post it online.  This took me by surprise, and of course the first thought was "what a nice and progressive idea".  Followed by the next thought "what if I have a stomach ache and give a lousy talk? It will remain forever posted on the web,  and I will be forever embarrassed!  I better prepare!"
Then, I stumbled upon a blog post by Seth Godin with an insightful title - "Rehearsing is for cowards", where the basic idea is that a well rehearsed talk/presentation will protect  "against the downside, the unpredictable and the embarrassing" but will not allow for a potential leap forward. Seth states in his post:
"A well-rehearsed performance will go without a hitch. An explorer seeks the hitches, because hitches are the fissures and chasms that help us leap forward."The third and final piece that made my day was a TED talk by Chris Anderson on Crowd accelerated innovation.  This talk showed me how by having my talk out there it will allow me not only to communicate ideas beyond the audience that attended the conference, but also, through the feedback I will get, and through my opportunity of watching it again and again, it will allow me to become a better communicator.
The lessons learned for today: I welcome the opportunity of getting the talk posted; while I prepare I will explore and not rehearse; and I will use this opportunity to fuel some crowd accelerated innovation. | Impressum