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Monday, 23 November 2015

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You Say it's Winter Already? Fall Has Just Arrived in California! 

Geotripper [2015-11-23 05:34:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (27 visits) info

Some people say they could never live in California. The earthquakes are scary and the state will fall into the sea. The politics are too crazy. It's an urban hell. Californians are too flaky. Pick you reason. But there are things that are undeniably nice about California. Our fall season is one of them. Oh, it's true that my fair state can hardly compete with the extravaganza of

Geosciences Column: Earthquakes and depleted gas reservoirs; what comes first? 

GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union [2015-11-20 13:00:04]  recommend  recommend this post  (22 visits) info

An ever growing population means the requirement for resources to fuel our modern lifestyles grows too. Be it in mining, oil/gas extraction or the improvement of renewable technologies, the boundaries of where and how we access resources are constantly being pushed. Previously inaccessible resources become viable prospects as demand increases and our technological know-how advances. Hand in hand with technological advances, comes an increased awareness of the environment and how it may be [...]

Geology Through Literature - Faust 

The Geology P.A.G.E. [2015-11-19 22:09:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (32 visits) info

The next up on my Geology Through Literature thread is Faust by J. W. Von Goethe. Having some talks with David from The History of Geology, I realize I may have missed some geological aspects of the story. That being said, here are the ones I have come across: Part Two: Act I"MEPHISTOPHELES:      Wherever you go in this world there's always a shortage of something. It might be this, it might be that. Here it's money we're short of. Now you can't just pick [...]

Earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes peninsula (Fagradalsfjall mountain) 

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2015-11-18 23:28:14]  recommend  recommend this post  (26 visits) info

Yesterday (17-November-2015) and today (18-November-2015) an earthquake swarm started on the Reykjanes peninsula, this earthquake swarm took place in Fagradalsfjall mountain. Total of 80 – 90 earthquakes took place, none of them larger than magnitude 2,1. The earthquake … Continue reading

Go and Fund Me Some Wine for more Earthquakes 

Ontario-geofish [2015-11-18 13:25:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (31 visits) info

Every once in a while I need some justification for continuing my rants on earthquakes and other things.  After all, it is tough go against the Winds of Indifference by the Big Guys.  Oklahoma is going to destroy all US oil production and nobody cares.  The Bruce Deep Hole is sinking a shaft on top of a giant fault and everybody ignores it. I used to get a nice wine income from Google before

4th small quake in northwestern Arizona this week 

Arizona Geology [2015-11-17 23:13:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (29 visits) info

We've had a small spate of small quakes in the northwest corner of the state this week with the fourth one occurring at 7:53 a.m, yesterday.    The earthquakes are still widely scattered and do not appear to be related.  The latest one was 17 miles south-southeast of St. George, Utah. [Right, the latest quake epicenter shown in blue.   The week's previous quakes are in yellow. Credit,

Hitting a nerve with popular posts 

Mountain Beltway [2015-11-17 13:44:21]  recommend  recommend this post  (49 visits) info
I blog here a few times a week, when I can manage it. Mostly I focus on new things I discover on field trips, advances in geologic imagery, and structural geology.  I get about 500 readers per day. But occasionally I write about other things, like creationism or current events disasters like earthquakes, and those posts garner a lot more attention. They get shared and reshared and spread out. My

New video for earthquakes 

Ontario-geofish [2015-11-11 20:52:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (29 visits) info
I'm trying something new, since I'm so ugly.  I'm sketching something on my Linux Inkscape, and then recording a voice-over with Audacity.  I merge it with Openshot. I should have laid off for now, since I think I'm getting a cold, but what the heck.  I have an old Wacom drawing tablet which works well with Linux.  In fact, anything old works with Linux, including me! When I emerge

Earthquake Geology sessions at the 16 World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Chile, 2017 [2015-11-10 22:57:20]  recommend  recommend this post  (76 visits) info

The 16 World Conference on Earthquake Engineering will be held from 9-13 January, 2017, in Santiago de Chile. Note that the deadline for short abstracts submission is 23 November, 2015! Abstracts can be submitted via this link. This meeting comes with a number of sessions which are interesting for earthquake geologists, paleoseismologists and those of us who deal with seismic hazard assessments. Among them: 14SS – Uncertainty in the Estimation of Earthquake Hazard 19SS – Earthquakes [...]

My latest paper: hillslope preconditioning 

The Landslide Blog [2015-11-04 14:32:30]  recommend  recommend this post  (30 visits) info

In a new paper, we examine the distribution of landslides from two earthquakes in New Zealand to see if hillslope preconditioning - the idea that the legacy of one trigger event can influence slope behaviour ins subsequent event - occurred. The results suggest that this might have been a factor in the area affected by both

Overview of week 44 activity in Iceland 

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2015-11-02 19:56:02]  recommend  recommend this post  (25 visits) info

This is a short overview of activity in week 44 in Iceland. Tjörnes Fracture Zone (TFZ) Earthquake swarm took place in TFZ in week 44. Largest earthquake had the magnitude of 3,5 and other earthquakes had the magnitude … Continue reading

no title 

Utah Geological Survey - blog [2015-11-02 18:38:04]  recommend  recommend this post  (21 visits) info

Anyone feel the small earthquake last night? The micro event occurred about 3 miles outside of Mapleton, Utah. The United States Geological Surveys (USGS) reported that a 2.9 magnitude earthquake hit Utah Monday morning. READ MORE See the Univeristy of Utah Preliminary Earthquake Report

Reference materials for Black Canyon City quakes 

Arizona Geology [2015-11-02 18:34:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (20 visits) info

The following online maps and reports are getting lots of attention in the wake of the three earthquakes last night - M3.2,M4.1, & M4.0 - near Black Canyon City, about 45 miles north of Phoenix.   All of these are online for free viewing or downloading. <!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE

Popular ELI in October - How earthquakes affect buildings 

Earth Learning Idea [2015-11-02 15:49:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info
A very popular activity in October was 'Shaken but not stirred; how earthquakes affect buildings.' This is a teacher-led demonstration of the relationship between the frequency of the shaking of the ‘ground’ and the movement of model ‘buildings’ of various heights. The activity can be used to help students to explore the effects of earthquakes in densely populated areas, and to

Stiletto Stampede 

Ontario-geofish [2015-10-28 17:02:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (24 visits) info

Reference I just did this on my Earthquakes g+ collection, but it deserves a wider audience. Secondary school l'istituto Tecnico Industriale di Avezzano, in L'Aquila, Italy, has reportedly banned wedges, flip-flops and high heels measuring over 1.6 inches.  They are firmly in the Italian School of Earthquake Response, which is to run in panic with your hands waving about.  Perhaps

Cause of Afghan Quake Is a Deep Mystery 

Utah Geological Survey - blog [2015-10-26 23:21:38]  recommend  recommend this post  (30 visits) info

Causes of earthquakes in remote areas remain a mystery. Read more on what scientists think is going on in Afghanistan where a 7.5 earthquake recently shook the area. The magnitude 7.5 earthquake that shook northeast Afghanistan and Pakistan on Monday was a type of quake not easily understood by scientists, even though it happened

Accumulating some links for the M7.5 earthquake this morning- 45km N of `Alaqahdari-ye Kiran wa Munjan, Afghanistan 

Active Tectonics Blog [2015-10-26 17:21:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (27 visits) info

An earthquake occurred earlier today in eastern Afghanistan. The M7.5 event was about 210 km deep and part of a long active zone of earthquakes in the mantle in that region. Here are some links that I have noted:USGS website on the eventIndian slab lurches downward beneath Afghanistan--Trembling Earth BlogSome relevant papers

All over 

Ontario-geofish [2015-10-24 12:42:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (38 visits) info

That didn't last long.  I'm glad that nobody noticed.  Earthquakes are generally dead right now.  Here's what was driving me nuts, but I finally fixed the old hottub. Oklahoma is starting to spark again, and they are calling Cushing a national security threat, which I called quite a while

Big Quakes Can Trigger Other Shakes Thousands of Miles Away 

Utah Geological Survey - blog [2015-10-20 00:46:50]  recommend  recommend this post  (30 visits) info

An earthquake felt round the world. Research shows that large earthquakes may trigger smaller earthquakes thousands of miles away. On April 11, 2012, an 8.6 magnitude earthquake in the Indian Ocean shook the Sumatran coast. Only a day later—3,900 miles (6,230 km) away—seismologists detected a set of smaller temblors rattling the eastern coast of

What Earthquake Maps Should Really Look Like 

Utah Geological Survey - blog [2015-10-08 00:21:10]  recommend  recommend this post  (40 visits) info When we hear that a magnitude 8 earthquake has struck, we know that’s worse than a magnitude 4 earthquake. But how much worse? READ | Impressum