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Friday, 17 October 2014

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A brief word on Earthquakes and fracking. 

Lounge of the Lab Lemming [2014-10-17 14:55:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info

Since the Keranen et al. paper a few months ago, there has been much discussion on the relationship between earthquakes and wastewater disposal wells from unconventional hydrocarbon extraction (a.k.a. fracking). Most of this discussion related to earthquake swarms on Oklahoma, where seismicity has dramatically increased in recent years.   However, it is worth pointing out that Oklahoma is

Bárðarbunga update for 16-October-2014 

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2014-10-17 01:55:29]  recommend  recommend this post  (22 visits) info
Largest earthquake in Bárðarbunga volcano today (16-October-2014) had the magnitude of 5,0. Second largest earthquake had the magnitude of 4,6. Other earthquakes have been smaller. There have been more earthquake activity today compared to yesterday. The eruption in … Continue reading

Lake Christabel 

Julian\'s Blog [2014-10-16 23:09:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (16 visits) info

This is Lake Christabel in New Zealand's South Island. It is one of the many beautiful alpine lakes  to be found close to the Alpine Fault. Lake Christabel was formed when a huge landslide blocked the valley, thus damming the river that then backed up to form the lake.The present day outlet runs over the old landslide deposit of large chaotic boulders. Hidden beneath the waters of Lake Christabel are very distinctive sediment layers that tell the story of huge earthquakes that rocked the [...]

20 Million Set to Take Part in ‘Great ShakeOut’ Earthquake Drill 

Utah Geological Survey - blog [2014-10-16 20:00:28]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info

Good afternoon, geo friends! Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of the World Series Loma Prieta Earthquake in San Francisco, and today 20 million people across the world are partaking in earthquake drills in observance of the Great ShakeOut. Are you prepared for an earthquake, or other natural disasters? More than 20 million people around the

Origin of Earthquakes in the Hawaiian Islands 

Gunnars Geo-Blog [2014-10-14 22:29:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (23 visits) info

Powerful earthquake activity deep on the Reykjanes ridge 

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2014-10-14 01:59:09]  recommend  recommend this post  (27 visits) info
During the weekend there was an earthquake activity deep on the Reykjanes ridge. Largest earthquake in the swarm had the magnitude of 5,5 (EMSC information here). Second largest earthquake had the magnitude of 5,4 (EMSC information can be … Continue reading

Minor earthquake swarm in Katla volcano during the weekend 

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2014-10-14 01:41:04]  recommend  recommend this post  (21 visits) info
During the weekend there was a minor earthquake swarm in Katla volcano. This was a minor earthquake swarm that lasted for few hours and then stopped. The earthquake activity in Katla volcano last weekend. Green star is a … Continue reading

Jumping Faults 

Julian\'s Blog [2014-10-13 01:49:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (27 visits) info

The Alpine Fault is divided into several segments based on changes in its tectonic structure and earthquake history along the plate boundary.The northern end of the Alpine Fault is much less straightforward in comparison to the southern and central sections. This is in the area where other faults of the Marlborough Fault System branch off the Alpine Fault and take up a large amount of the total slip. There is still a lot to find out in terms of their combined earthquake histories and how these [...]

Non-linear acoustic and seismic 

Ontario-geofish [2014-10-07 14:49:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (23 visits) info
Reference It's a stretch to bring this to earthquakes, but that's what I do.  I'm glad they are doing this in the lab, since I was looking at this for earthquakes 30 years ago.  Non-linearity simply means they blast the hell out of it.  With dynamics, all materials have a low stress linear zone, and then it starts to curve as the amplitude gets higher.  With imaging, they have to be careful

A Ticker Tape Record of Alpine Fault Earthquakes 

Julian\'s Blog [2014-10-07 00:15:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info

The famous NASA image of New Zealand's South Island clearly shows the trace of the Alpine Fault along the straight western edge of the Southern Alps. This oblique Google Earth view of the West Coast shows the relative uplift on the eastern side of the fault that has created the Southern Alps. The Hokuri Creek location indicated on the image is the site of a very important record of Alpine Fault earthquakes going back for the last 8000 years. A significant feature on this part of the fault is [...]

Cancel That 

Ontario-geofish [2014-10-06 14:07:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info
I'm fine now.  All the earthquakes respected my wishes and stayed quiet.  Hopefully nothing will happen for a

Depression hits the Fish -- Good-bye 

Ontario-geofish [2014-10-03 02:14:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (26 visits) info
I've gone into a manic frenzy with these earthquakes, collimating with my poem.  I've got no response, so I assume everybody hates it.  That's the trouble with us Intellectual Depressive, we get as depressed as being right, as being wrong. I don't like that I'm always right when making fun of stupidity, and it gets to me sometimes.  So, with this post, I'm shutting down, again, for the 10th

Minor earthquake swarm in TFZ (Tjörnes Fracture Zone) 

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2014-10-02 23:57:03]  recommend  recommend this post  (22 visits) info
Today (02-Octorber-2014) there was an minor earthquake swarm in TFZ. Largest earthquake in this swarm had the magnitude of 3,3. This activity is only tectonic in nature, this earthquake activity is not connected to any volcanism activity. Earthquake … Continue reading

Kansas may be opening another earthquake mechanism 

Ontario-geofish [2014-10-02 00:35:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (27 visits) info

I'm just joking around here.  One earthquake all by itself does not an injection site make.  After all, there are completely natural and organic earthquakes.  But it's right along the Grenville Front megathrust, and would make a great injection site.  :)  Just a few billion barrels and we'd have

Volcano Research at Bardarbunga News [2014-09-30 18:24:50]  recommend  recommend this post  (23 visits) info

Since mid‐August, Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano has experienced more than a thousand earthquakes and two eruptions. This brief video from the American Geophysical Union is narrated by Thorbjorg Agustsdottir, a Ph.D. student studying volcanic seismology at the University of

Shaking Things Up in Mammoth Lakes: Hundreds of Earthquakes in 24 Hours 

Geotripper [2014-09-27 08:18:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (35 visits) info

Source: These things seem to happen whenever I have just left a place. I was in Mammoth Lakes only a week ago. There have been upwards of a thousand earthquakes in the last 24 hours or so. The biggest have been in the range of magnitude 3 to 3.8, which are big enough to feel. The USGS emphasizes that the quakes are tectonic

Wairarapa Fault - the Biggest Rupture on Earth 

Julian\'s Blog [2014-09-24 01:02:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (40 visits) info

The Wairarapa Fault is one of New Zealand's large active faults running along the eastern edge of the Rimutaka range from Palliser Bay north into the Wairarapa. It was responsible for the massive magnitude 8.2 earthquake that violently shook the lower North Island in 1855 in New Zealand's largest historically recorded 'quake.This Google Earth view shows the surface trace of the fault, with the Rimutaka Range to the west and the Tararuas in the distance. An interesting location called Pigeon [...]

The anatomy of an earthquake 

Climate and Geohazards [2014-09-23 10:00:55]  recommend  recommend this post  (25 visits) info

“Earthquakes are one of the planets most lethal natural forces“, says Professor Iain Stewart in his latest short film describing the anatomy of an earthquake. The film has been made in association with the Earthquakes without Frontiers (EwF) project, a … Continue reading

Weekend summary - s22 

Ontario-geofish [2014-09-22 13:15:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (18 visits) info
Actually, there is nothing to report.  I stayed home this weekend, nursing my cold.  The rest of the week looks beautiful, and I'll go to the cottage with the dog again.  No earthquakes whatsoever.  If we want to extrapolate that observation, then earthquakes are history.

Lindon residents participate in 6th annual earthquake drill 

Utah Geological Survey - blog [2014-09-17 22:59:20]  recommend  recommend this post  (20 visits) info

 US You can never be too prepared — that’s the message Lindon City leaders are trying to send to residents. READ | Impressum