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Monday, 22 August 2016

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GeoSelim [2016-08-22 16:32:28]  recommend  recommend this post  (6 visits) info
الجيوكمبيوتر الجيوكمبيوتر كما اسميته او الحوسبة الجيولوجية وهي استخدام الكمبيوتر في مجال الجيولوجيا وتطويعه لخدمة علوم الأرض. ان استخدام الحاسوب في أي علم له مميزاته الكبيرة التي يطول الحديث عنها. سأتحدث عن جزء منها في هذه السطور. أفضل المبرمجين لبرامج علمية في علوم الأرض [...]

Dickerman Mountain geology guide posted 

Northwest Geology Field Trips [2016-07-06 06:45:04]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info
Hi friends! Remember me? A new geology field guide has been posted on this website. This one gives you something to do while you huff and puff your way up through the 45-million-year-old Barlow Pass Volcanics on the Dickerman Mountain Trail. The mountain rises above the South Fork Stillaguamish Valley, and is reached by the

Shattered chert breccia cobbles, Church Bay, Rathlin Island 

Mountain Beltway [2016-06-22 12:21:32]  recommend  recommend this post  (91 visits) info

My GigaPan expedition has landed at Rathlin Island, north of Northern Ireland, within view of Scotland, for a few days. The beach on Church Bay is cobble-covered and steep, and the cobbles reflect the island’s geology, with some anthropogenic components thrown in for flavor: Link GigaPan by Callan Bentley But I was struck by these two cobbles, each showing a pervasively shattered breccia of chert: To me, that is not

Faceted spurs along the Hayward fault 

Oakland Geology [2016-06-20 17:03:18]  recommend  recommend this post  (36 visits) info

A lot of geology involves glimpsing the ideal behind the real. As you look around Oakland, the Hayward fault isn’t easy to see without a bit of training. For this post, let me start you from the ideal. The process of faulting has very specific effects on the land that you can learn to look

Team Dorset in transit 

Wooster Geologists [2016-06-19 12:13:36]  recommend  recommend this post  (58 visits) info

 Triassic; GB,DE
Bristol to London, England — Cassidy Jester (’17) and I returned to the Bristol train station (above) on our way to London. We grabbed a smidgen of geology along the way: This common stone in the train station looked familiar. It turns out to be the same Triassic wadi deposit I saw with Tim Palmer

Dimmuborgir, Lake Mývatn, Iceland 

Mountain Beltway [2016-06-16 13:07:22]  recommend  recommend this post  (45 visits) info

Last week, I was in Iceland, driving around the country’s Ring Road and checking out its amazing geology with my family. We had a great time in particular exploring in the Lake Mývatn region, on the country’s subaerial expression of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Lake Mývatn itself is in a rift basin, peppered with a great variety of volcanic and hydrothermal features. One spot we enjoyed a short stroll was in

The Unconformity At Rathivade 

Reporting on a Revolution [2016-06-13 18:40:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (42 visits) info

My friend Pradeep Sarkar died last Tuesday June 7th. He got up that morning and complained of shortness of breath. In a few minutes it was all over. He leaves behind a shattered family, a wife and a son, and a large number of stunned friends, colleagues and students. I met Pradeep when he joined the faculty at Fergusson College, Pune, during my second year B.Sc. He had a way with students

From Earth to Enigma 

Geological Society of London blog [2016-06-10 18:59:51]  recommend  recommend this post  (53 visits) info
For fans of geology and art crossovers, Karen Picton is exhibiting until June 19th at The Stone Space Gallery, with a Meet the Artist day on Saturday 11th June. Continue reading

Columbian Fossil Ammonite 

Louisville Area Fossils [2016-06-08 13:54:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (49 visits) info

 Cretaceous; US,CO,IN
This fossil is Hoplocrioceras phillipi (Bean) found in Columbia. This ammonite dates to Lower Cretaceous Period. It is on display at Indiana University Department of Geology in Bloomington Indiana, USA. Thanks to Kenny for

New publication on Geology of Santa Catalina Mountains, available for free downloading 

Arizona Geology [2016-06-01 15:51:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (42 visits) info

AZGS has released a new online publication in our Down to Earth series.    "A Guide to the Geology of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona: The Geology and Life Zones of a Madrean Sky Island," by John Bezy is a non-technical treatment of the geology and ecology of the Santa Catalina Mountains outside Tucson.   The report is available for free viewing and downloading at the AZGS

School of Rock Field Trip day 

JOIDES Resolution blogs [2016-06-01 13:55:53]  recommend  recommend this post  (38 visits) info

May 31 2016: Today was an exciting day for the School of Rock participant because it involved the two words that every student lives for during a school year: FIELD TRIP. Yes, we were stepping out of the classroom and into the field for a day of hiking and exploring the geology of Cape Town. read

Earth Science Week 2016: 8th – 16th October 

Geological Society of London blog [2016-05-27 16:22:01]  recommend  recommend this post  (35 visits) info

This year’s Earth Science Week is still more than four months away, but we’re already making plans! A 9 day long celebration of the geology all around us in the UK and Ireland, Earth Science Week is an opportunity for museums … Continue reading

Flyover Country—The next generation field-based research tool 

AGU Meetings [2016-05-25 23:38:40]  recommend  recommend this post  (25 visits) info

In December 2015, with the support of a National Science Foundation (NSF) EAGER grant, the Flyover Country (FC) team of Amy Myrbo (University of Minnesota Research Associate), Shane Loeffler (2015 B.S. graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth), Reed McEwan (University of Minnesota M.S. in Geology and Software Engineering) and Sijia Ai (University of Minnesota), launched FC as a geosciences mobile app for air travelers, road warriors and

Airliner Chronicles: Stuck on a Plane with a Proselytizer... 

Geotripper [2016-05-25 08:19:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (28 visits) info

And really, I felt sorry for the poor guy who was stuck sitting with me on the plane flight from St. Louis to LAX. Oh, I wasn't trying to convert the poor guy into some religion. No, he got the full-court press from me about the importance of understanding what was going on 35,000 feet below us on the ground. He was being proselytized into the world of geology. People who fly a lot

Arizona legislative session had big impact on geology 

Arizona Geology [2016-05-23 00:19:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (29 visits) info

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Field Work on Black Mountain 

Wooster Geologists [2016-05-21 12:00:26]  recommend  recommend this post  (92 visits) info

 Cretaceous; US
San Diego, CA – Amineh AlBashaireh (’18) and I are working with USD scientists, Dr. Bethany O’Shea, Elizabeth Johnston, and Eric Cathcart on the geology of Black Mountain in San Diego, CA. The Santiago Peak Volcanics are exposed in the park. These rocks are early Cretaceous in age (~110 Ma) and are thought to represent the

Pele is a Capricious Goddess...Part One (A Return to the Realm of Fire) 

Geotripper [2016-05-21 06:46:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (92 visits) info
Note to my Geology 190 Students: this IS NOT a picture from my current visit. Lava is NOT flowing this way right now. I offer NO GUARANTEES that anything we see on our trip in two weeks will be anything like this. The reasons are described below.... That's a much younger version of myself, from 2002 For everyone else: I wish you could join us! We are headed to the Hawaiian Islands in a

TED: Hunting for dinosaurs 

GeoSelim [2016-05-21 05:30:20]  recommend  recommend this post  (55 visits) info
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How did plate tectonics begin? 

Speaking of Geoscience [2016-05-18 16:53:56]  recommend  recommend this post  (24 visits) info

David Bercovici, Department of Geology & Geophysics, Yale University Impatient person’s summary: To understand how plate tectonics began we have to first figure out why we have plate tectonics at all, and how to identify a plate tectonic planet if it were passing by. The uniqueness of plate tectonic is mostly tied up in its odd boundaries,… Read More How did plate

Familiar lessons on Mineralogy & Geology,... 

geo-ebooks [2016-05-11 17:39:02]  recommend  recommend this post  (48 visits) info
Familiar lessons on Mineralogy & Geology, | Impressum