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Monday, 14 April 2014

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Monday Geology Picture: Hermanus Beach Rocks 

Georneys [2014-04-14 21:41:46]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info

  This past weekend my husband and I and some friends visited the little seaside town of Hermanus, which is located about an hour and a half drive from our home in Cape Town, South Africa. Normally, the weather in April in South Africa is starting to become somewhat cold. However, we enjoyed unseasonably warm weather this past weekend. Thus, we spent plenty of time walking along the seashore and

Shadblow (serviceberry) 

Mountain Beltway [2014-04-14 14:58:51]  recommend  recommend this post  (17 visits) info

A sure sign of the advent of spring in Fort Valley is the blooming of the shadblow, an understory tree species with clusters of white flowers: My wife and I took our son for a hike yesterday, and the shadblow was pretty much the only tree with anything on its branches: I infer that shadblow is named for the fact that its flowers “blow” (bloom) when the shad swim upstream

Your Inner Fish 

Why I hate Theropods [2014-04-10 05:46:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (21 visits) info
If you didn't watch this, you're missing out. Fantastic first episode, hitting all the evolutionary biology high notes. It felt like something that would have been at home in a freshmen college biology course or some kind of CVA intro. Great little details made the episode. I look forward to Your Inner Reptile with great anticipation. I wish this series was more than three episodes long.To find out when you can catch a re-airing, check out

Born This Day: Wallace Beery 

Palaeoblog [2014-03-31 14:52:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (13 visits) info

Wallace Fitzgerald Beery (April 1, 1885 – April 15, 1949) was an American actor who appeared in more than 250 films in over 36 years. At 16 he ran away from home and joined the Ringling Brothers Circus as an assistant elephant trainer, but left two years later, after being clawed by a leopard. His career spanned the transition from silent movies to the talkies. He won an Academy award in

Field Research in Guatemala (5) – Photo Diary 

Geology for Global Development [2014-03-17 11:00:24]  recommend  recommend this post  (10 visits) info

After 2 months based in Guatemala undertaking hazards research, I am soon to return home. I will be continuing this series of posts over the next few months, reflecting on aspects of conducting research overseas and thinking through results. Guatemala is a stunningly beautiful country, with a dynamism reflected in everything from the landscapes to the

Bricks, an Archeological Site and Home 

State of the Planet [2014-03-07 13:33:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (24 visits) info

It was time to pack up and leave.  Shofiq, who is from Sylhet was dropped off near his home and the fellowship of the rocks was broken.  We settled in for another long drive.  We made an impromptu stop and one of the numerous brick factories scattered across Bangladesh.  Here, the workers phones immediately started

Sutherland Sky: Part I 

Georneys [2014-03-05 23:34:50]  recommend  recommend this post  (13 visits) info

This is the first in what will be a series of posts about my recent visit to Sutherland, a small town in South Africa’s Northern Cape province. In October 2013 my husband Jackie and I visited Sutherland for a long weekend. Sutherland is famous because it is home to the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) research station, which has a number of telescopes that are used for astronomical and astrophysical research.

The Other California: The Wetlands of the San Joaquin Valley, Actually Wet. 

Geotripper [2014-03-04 08:32:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (22 visits) info

It's been a miserable year, one of the worst on record. For the last year much of California, including my home in the Great Valley, has received an amount of rain more appropriate to Death Valley than to one of the most fertile agricultural regions on the planet. It's been dry and dusty, and the farms in the valley have been surviving off of storage in the irrigation reservoirs, but

Tennessee Caves Hold World’s Second Largest Underground Lake 

Lake Scientist [2014-02-27 20:42:06]  recommend  recommend this post  (24 visits) info

Craighead Caverns, an extensive system of caves in Sweetwater, Tenn., is home to the world’s second largest underground lake. The subterranean water body is the largest known in the United[...]The post Tennessee Caves Hold World’s Second Largest Underground Lake appeared first on Lake

Out of the Valley of Death: Home from the road 

Geotripper [2014-02-20 09:02:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (26 visits) info
Dantes View at Death Valley National Park It's geology in the starkest terms. Death Valley is a place where the crust has been torn asunder, with valley floors lying below sea level next to peaks that reach 11,000 feet. Rocks here are rarely hidden by vegetation or soil. It's a land alien enough that George Lucas filmed parts of Star Wars here. It's a land that crushed the dreams of

Wooster’s Fossil of the Week: A tubeworm-encrusted parasitic gastropod (Silurian of Indiana) 

Wooster Geologists [2014-02-16 06:26:58]  recommend  recommend this post  (24 visits) info

 Silurian; US
Last week three Wooster geology students and I visited Ken Karns, an enthusiastic citizen scientist who has developed an extraordinary fossil collection in his home in Lancaster, Ohio. Ken is a man of prodigious energies and skills as he not only is an expert fossil collector and preparator, he also has a world-class curated collection

Happy Magna-tine’s Day: Magna Carta exhibit now open 

BEYONDbones [2014-02-14 21:01:38]  recommend  recommend this post  (16 visits) info

It’s finally here, folks – our Magna Carta exhibit is open to the public! For the first time ever, this document has traveled from its home in Hereford Cathedral to come to Houston. HMNS hosted a press event yesterday, with … Continue reading

Not so fast! 

JOIDES Resolution blogs [2014-02-14 03:36:23]  recommend  recommend this post  (24 visits) info
Well it may be Valentine’s Day elsewhere but in the South China Sea the postman is a little slow delivering and since the scientists at least are all away from home (some members of crew are partners/spouses since they spend six months a year together out here) there is little romance in the air. read

Ice seeps along Passage Creek 

Mountain Beltway [2014-02-03 14:46:59]  recommend  recommend this post  (22 visits) info

 Silurian; US
This past week, there’s been a beautiful sight along the stretch of the Fort Valley Road that goes past the Blue Hole section of Passage Creek. Click to enlarge Ice has been forming beautiful forms as groundwater seeps out along bedding planes in the Massanutten Sandstone (a Silurian-aged quartz arenite, folded during late Paleozoic Alleghanian deformation). At this site, the bedding dips moderately to the south. This is close to

Frosty morning 

Mountain Beltway [2014-01-29 12:56:51]  recommend  recommend this post  (14 visits) info

It’s another cold morning in the Fort Valley. To celebrate winter’s continuing grip, please enjoy these images from last Friday morning, on my way to work… Frost on plants: Frost on barbed wire: Finally, here’s a time-lapse video (5 times actual speed) of the first 6 miles of my commute (walking, then

$4 or $5 Gas for 20 Years? News [2014-01-23 13:22:10]  recommend  recommend this post  (14 visits) info

“The report, Fueling the Future with Natural Gas: Bringing It Home, says that the Henry Hub price of natural gas is expected to remain in the range of $4-5 per million British Thermal Units (MMBtu) (in constant 2012 dollars) on an annual average through

New Zealand M6.2 earthquake 

Ontario-geofish [2014-01-20 13:27:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (13 visits) info

I was attracted to this earthquake since it is such a classic 'normal' earthquake. Note the beautiful 'beachball' showing extension.  Using my infinite wealth, I flew in this morning for a quick look. Nope, not much there, so I went back home. Up into space for a picture.  Amazing how they write giant place names on the ground.  :)  You can see the subduction zone that formed

Atactotoechus furcatus bryozoan from the Windom Shale 

Views of the Mahantango [2014-01-09 09:01:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (23 visits) info

 Devonian; RU,US
I spent an hour or so putting some bryozoan fragments back together and got two nice branching colonies of Atactotoechus furcatus.A plate of matrix with both shown in position.The piece on the lower right detaches from it's spot and can be viewed in three dimensions. For purposes of conversation, this is the anterior side.And this is the posterior side.A close up of one of the branches shows some of the individual zooids where the animals lived.This is the other branch which is affixed to the [...]

Ice in the ‘hood 

Mountain Beltway [2014-01-07 16:26:05]  recommend  recommend this post  (59 visits) info

Some ice seen this morning, the coldest we’ve yet experienced at our home in the Fort Valley… 4° F when we got up this morning, with windchill around -15° F. Frost nucleated on a “petal” from a tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera): Frost on grass (note the different habit of the ice crystals here): Frost on some netting: Frost on some plant stems near a little creek on our land: Ice

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung Forces Evacuations 

Volcano Science And News Blog [2013-12-31 18:12:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (34 visits) info

Indonesia's long-dormant Mount Sinabung began erupting earlier this year after initially breaking its silence during a period in 2010, and has now increased its level of activity so drastically that over 19,000 people have had to be evacuated. Mount Sinabung lies around 20 miles NNW of the famous Toba super-volcano. The irregularly shaped stratovolcano has had minor fumerolic activity prior to 2010, so it was known that it would probably erupt in the future, however there had never been any [...] | Impressum