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Thursday, 30 June 2016

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Poor Britain joins Japan and Quebec 

Ontario-geofish [2016-06-30 15:09:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (67 visits) info

Inspiration Poor Britain, now it just becomes a tourist destination.  I don't know if I want to visit it again, though. Dear Canada, Now is the time for action.  All those ads to Americans to flee Trump should now be focused on Britain.  They're stuck with Trumpism now.  Soon the brownshirts will come out beating up anybody who is brown.  We'll take gays as well. These islands of

Cottage Report 

Ontario-geofish [2016-06-27 17:04:00]  recommend  4 recommendations  (59 visits) info

Finally getting pleasant.  We've been getting rain that has missed Toronto, so no big drought alert.  I remember the last time we had fires all over the place.  Those twin turbo water bombers are the bomb! Now is horrendous deer fly time.  So many and so many varieties that you scarcely notice the horseflies.  Like all the bug cycles, this lasts for a week or two.  Horseflies pack a wallop,

Let them eat principles 

James’ Empty Blog [2016-06-26 18:54:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (74 visits) info
Oh dear. Just had a lovely week away in the Highlands, for the first time in 20 years. Unfortunately, recent events have rather pushed that out of my mind, but hopefully jules will provide some pictures in the near future. Before that, however, the referendum. I can't avoid the conclusion that it's a massive problem and many people have made a huge mistake in voting Leave. Most

Wyoming Court Strikes Down BLM Hydraulic Fracturing Rule; Existing Appeal Remains Pending (For Now) 

Mineral Law Blog [2016-06-23 19:18:43]  recommend  recommend this post  (73 visits) info

As we’ve previously reported, a Wyoming federal court issued a preliminary injunction order last year that temporarily halted the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) final rule regulating hydraulic fracturing on public lands.  Since that time, the case has split into two proceedings: the Wyoming court moved forward with conducting a full legal analysis of the … Continue

The Hawai'i That Was: The Abode of the Gods and Creation at Kilauea 

Geotripper [2016-06-23 08:45:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (55 visits) info

The ongoing eruptive activity at the summit caldera of Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawai'i. You aren’t hearing this from me (well, okay, you are), but sometimes teaching is just a little bit like carnival barking. You have to be entertaining about something that actually isn’t all that unusual or interesting. And sometimes you have to reveal just a little at a time to keep the interest

Keck 2016 Arrives in Iceland 

Wooster Geologists [2016-06-21 23:25:33]  recommend  recommend this post  (93 visits) info

Hafnafjörður, Iceland – What a fantastic day! Dr. Ben Edwards and I are leading a 6-student Keck trip to Iceland to study a glaciovolcanic ridge. It was a long travel day, but everyone (and their luggage) arrived safe and sound. No need to waste any time – soon after we set up camp, we headed

Go on, Embrace Your Inner Bear-Voyeur 

GeoMika [2016-06-15 17:00:07]  recommend  recommend this post  (68 visits) info

It’s that time of year again already. You can’t make your way to Alaska to ogle coastal brown bears as they emerge from their winter’s slumber, and you just don’t know where to get your fix. Don’t worry: Katmai National … Continue reading

Volcanic darkness marked the dawn of the Dark Ages 

GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union [2016-06-15 12:00:21]  recommend  recommend this post  (79 visits) info

The dawn of the Dark Ages coincided with a volcanic double event – two large eruptions in quick succession. Combined, they had a stronger impact on the Earth’s climate than any other volcanic event – or sequence of events – in the last 1200 years. Historical reports reveal that a mysterious dust cloud dimmed the sun’s rays between in 536 and 537 CE, a time followed by global societal decline. Now, we know the cause. By combining state-or-the-art ice core measurements with historical [...]

During Ramazan in Hyderabad 

Water and Megacities [2016-06-14 10:20:20]  recommend  recommend this post  (65 visits) info

Ramazan – Ramadan in Hyderabad, India This blog entry will give you a brief idea about the time of Ramazan experienced during our time of research in the city of Hyderabad. A brief background on the Muslim influence in Hyderabad …Read more

Fight Night Special: Utahraptor Vs Falcarius 

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2016-06-12 18:43:34]  recommend  recommend this post  (83 visits) info

 Cretaceous; US
Yes folks, Fight Night is back! Today we will be taking two of the most incredible dinosaurs from Early Cretaceous Utah and will be pinning them together in an exciting death match. This time, in addition to giving the facts, we will also be setting the scene and describing the environment in which these two

A releasekonsert with OAK and Airbag in Oslo 

Cambriangirl - Science! Geology! Writing! [2016-06-11 15:12:12]  recommend  recommend this post  (103 visits) info

Last night I spent a fantastic evening watching prog band OAK perform for the second time. Since I saw them at Kolbotn’s ‘Progbotn’ festival back in January, they’ve been signed to Bergen-based record label Apollon Records, which is truly fantastic news. OAk have just released their first album, Lighthouse – and you can watch the trailer for it below. Okay, so OAK

A Very Good Day 

EXPEDITION LIVE! [2016-06-10 15:02:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (207 visits) info
With time on our prospecting trip running out, we hit the hills early yesterday.  The ridge we hiked down had some great exposure and the area turned out to be littered with fossil bone.  Around every corner we found piles of Triceratops bone many of which had just been resting on the surface degrading for … Continue reading A Very Good Day

New papers on paleoseismology, tsunami, and active tectonics (June 2016) [2016-06-09 00:53:35]  recommend  recommend this post  (124 visits) info
It’s June and it’s time for a new paper round-up, isn’t it? When I compiled the list during the past weeks I already realized that there’s a lot of new literature out there, and I guess this month’s post is probably the longest list we’ve ever had – 21 articles! So here are the latest papers on paleoseismology, tsunamis (maaaany tsunami papers this time), and active tectonics. As always: Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Enjoy reading!   [...]

Studying the Sands of Time 

JOIDES Resolution blogs [2016-06-05 21:06:15]  recommend  recommend this post  (69 visits) info

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Predatory Dinosaurs of the World - Part 1 

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs [2016-06-03 21:35:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (85 visits) info

 Cenozoic; RO
It is widely documented - not least by this blog - that a very few popular dinosaur books published over the last century stand out as real 'landmarks'. Books that are incalculably influential, for good or ill (and often a bit of both), giving rise to countless copycats and wannabes and spreading peculiar styles and memes far and wide in the world of palaeoart. Greg Paul's infamous Predatory Dinosaurs of the World is undoubtedly one such book, arguably doing more to spread the Paulian style [...]

Flood deposits of Glacial Lake Missoula outburst floods 

Mountain Beltway [2016-06-02 13:47:50]  recommend  recommend this post  (83 visits) info

Two weeks ago, I went on an awesome, informal field trip to eastern Washington State to visit the Channeled Scablands for the first time. My collegue Bill Richards of North Idaho College picked me up in Spokane and drove me halfway across Washington and back to Moscow, Idaho, over the course of a day. This is a region of the country where a glacier-dammed valley filled up with water (Glacial

Guided geology walk at Point Whitehorn this Saturday 

Northwest Geology Field Trips [2016-06-02 05:18:06]  recommend  recommend this post  (82 visits) info

I am leading free geology walks at Point Whitehorn in Whatcom County  this Saturday, June 4, as part of Whatcom Land Trusts annual “What’s the Point” nature walks. The walks are at 10:00 and 11:30 AM, and will start on the beach. Each lasts an hour or so, and lots of time for questions. BRING

New Specialty Geotechnical Contractor in North America [2016-06-01 09:58:07]  recommend  recommend this post  (40 visits) info

There is a new player in the ground engineering and specialty geotechnical construction market in North America...well, sort of. Quanta Subsurface is a collection of (at present) 9 specialty contractors all owned by Quanta Services, a publicly traded EPC company specializing in the Electric Power and Oil and Gas industries. Many of these companies have been around for some time in their various markets, firms like Crux Subsurface. With the formation of Quanta Subsurface, it appears that they [...]

You're Doing It Wrong: Microraptor Tails and Mini-Wings 

DinoGoss [2016-05-28 13:13:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (93 visits) info

Type specimen of Zhenyuanlong, doing its best Archaeopteryx impression.Just a short PSA today, and once again, it's about a paleoart meme that has outstayed its welcome.Microraptor was the first time we got a good look at the feather pattern of dromaeosaurids. This is a big problem for two reasons. One, microraptors were small. That means that artists who were looking at them to extrapolate for bigger, more famous "raptors" could easily and somewhat justifiably write off their [...]

How we measure the chemical composition of Earth materials 

Wooster Geologists [2016-05-25 18:24:27]  recommend  recommend this post  (50 visits) info

San Diego, CA – If you’ve been following our adventures, you know that we’ve started a project on Black Mountain with our collaborators at the University of San Diego. We’ve dedicated a significant portion of our time in California to sample preparation, and today we see the results of all of our hard work. In | Impressum