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Thursday, 24 April 2014

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Looking forward to EGU 2014 

Geology Jenga [2014-04-24 09:00:51]  recommend  recommend this post  (9 visits) info
This time next week EGU 2014 I’ll be looking at a sea of posters and enjoying workshops, splinter sessions and talks galore and I literally can’t wait! You may have notice (and we apologise), Dan and I haven’t been so good at updating Geology Jenga with regular posts. We have both made the transition into

Every time you publish behind a paywall, a kitten dies. 

Green Tea and Velociraptors [2014-04-23 11:28:10]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info
“Every day, people are denied access to something they have a right to.” That’s the opening line from a new appeal from students Joe McArthur and David Carroll. Open Access describes a form of publication of research where articles are made instantly available for free, and with unlimited reusability rights, as long as the source

Congress and California State Legislature: Waiting for the Big Earthquake News [2014-04-21 17:46:52]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info

Mexico has an early warning system that can detect earthquakes and notify people before vibrations arrive. During last week’s magnitude 7.2 earthquake along Mexico’s Pacific coast the system gave people in Mexico City about 60 seconds of warning before vibrations arrived. People in Acapulco had 27 seconds of warning. This gave them time to seek

Happy Easter with a (fake) Dozen Dinosaur Eggs 

History of Geology [2014-04-19 16:35:17]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info
Roy Chapman Andrews was not only an intrepid explorer and palaeontologist, but also a gifted promoter. The Central Asiatic Expeditions were accompanied by cameras to document the entire work. As the conditions were most time prohibitive – relief from the burning sun was given only by frequent sandstorms – many scenes showing the discovery and

Mexico's 7.2 earthquake and it's early warning system 

Geology in Motion [2014-04-19 02:56:01]  recommend  recommend this post  (23 visits) info

Seismic record from the Guerrero April 18 earthquakeFrom A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck in the Acapulco/Mexico City region early this morning, a Good Friday holiday morning when many residents had apparently slept in or gone away on vacation. The earthquake lasted about 30 seconds. The epicenter was in the state of Guerrero, north of Acapulco. The U.S. Geological Survey has an automatic damage estimator here. The USGS estimates deaths between 1-100, and economic [...]

When the Clock Strikes Twelve! 

JOIDES Resolution blogs [2014-04-18 06:44:27]  recommend  recommend this post  (18 visits) info
When the hand reaches 12 noon it is time for the ‘day shift’ scientists to start work. read

When the Clock Strikes Twelve 

JOIDES Resolution blogs [2014-04-17 16:36:08]  recommend  recommend this post  (18 visits) info
When the hand reaches 12 noon it is time for the ‘day shift’ scientists to start work. read

The Code of Hammering 

About Geology [2014-04-17 15:04:38]  recommend  recommend this post  (13 visits) info
As field season returns in my part of the world, I'm gearing up for some nice outings. So it's time again to present my code of hammering. There are guidebooks that touch on matters of professional practice, and every rockhound group teaches its members hammer safety. But as an amateur geologist I practice a game between that of the professional and the rockhound. It incorporates a respect for the rock as something with its own aesthetics and right to exist as nature made it. See if you agree. [...]

Video Competition finalists – time to get voting! 

GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union [2014-04-15 17:10:28]  recommend  recommend this post  (14 visits) info
This year we’re running the first ever EGU Communicate Your Science Video Competition – the aim being for young scientists to communicate their research in a short, sweet and public-friendly video. Our judges have now selected 4 fantastic finalists from the excellent entries we received this year and it’s time to find the best geoscience

Our plastic sand demonstrates mass wasting. A draft. 

Riparian Rap [2014-04-14 15:00:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info
Mass wasting and other slope processes using Emriver plastic sand. from Steve Gough on Vimeo.At LRRD we have notebooks full of "what ifs" for our models.  As I worked on other things last weekend I put together this little demonstration and checked one off the list.The video speaks for itself.  I've always known our plastic media could be used to demonstrate hillslope processes, but this is the first time I've attempted to record it.I'm a fluvial guy and not so well versed on slope [...]

No more OK earthquake coverage 

Ontario-geofish [2014-04-14 02:27:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (20 visits) info
It's just too sad.  When they start to have their big earthquakes, I'll just say quietly to myself, "Oh, dear." I've never been right about the rate anyway.  I was always thinking they'd be well into the 5's by now, and it's only 4's.  Time to exit, stage

Huh? Nope, it’s Heh: How the Egyptians measured time and thought about eternity 

BEYONDbones [2014-04-12 17:05:43]  recommend  recommend this post  (20 visits) info
The week is finally over! While only five days long, the workweek can certainly feel like an eternity. Which got me thinking (as many things do) about how the Egyptians measured time and thought about eternity. Barely an inch in … Continue reading

Cretaceous echinoderms are today’s stars 

Wooster Geologists [2014-04-08 17:32:47]  recommend  recommend this post  (17 visits) info

 Cretaceous; IL
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–There’s a joke in the title, in case you didn’t notice! I was on my own for my second day of fieldwork in southern Israel. I revisited yesterday’s outcrops of the Upper Cretaceous (Coniacian) Zichor Formation, taking more time to plot out future section-measuring and fossil-collecting sites for students. I was also able

Large Dams Cost Too Much! News [2014-04-08 14:09:22]  recommend  recommend this post  (13 visits) info

An Oxford University study reports that large dams typically require about 8 years for construction and have average cost overruns of nearly 100%. By the time they are finished the needs of their region have often changed and the unanticipated expenses might make the total cost too

Indonesia Oil and Gas Report News [2014-04-06 13:50:21]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info

“Formerly a net oil exporter and OPEC member, Indonesia struggles to attract sufficient investment to meet growing domestic energy consumption because of inadequate infrastructure and a complex regulatory environment. At the same time, it was the world’s largest exporter of coal by weight in 2012 and the fourth largest exporter of liquefied natural gas in

Can palaeoart prevent the over-commercialisation of fossils? blog [2014-04-04 19:10:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (22 visits) info

 Cretaceous; GB,US,MN,DE
If money was no object, would you buy a sauropod skeleton, or artwork of them? A question to ponder while these Lower Cretaceous rebbachisaurids and 'Angloposeidon' look for water in this desiccating Wealden lake.The greatest threat to 21st century palaeontology is the inflating commercialisation of fossils. At least, this the view put forward by Kenshu Shimada and colleagues (2014) in a recent article. I don't disagree that this is a growing problem. While the commercialisation of fossils [...]

Citizen science: how can we all contribute to the climate discussion? 

Four Degrees [2014-04-04 11:08:46]  recommend  recommend this post  (24 visits) info
Until the turn of the 20th century, science was an activity practiced by amateur naturalists and philosophers with enough money and time on their hands to devote their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and the understanding of the natural world. Today, scientific research is an industry of its own, carried out by highly trained


GeoMika [2014-04-03 19:00:40]  recommend  recommend this post  (18 visits) info
Some elements are naturally radioactive, releasing alpha particles, beta particles, or gamma radiation as they decay to more stable elements. The decay in a fixed period of time is proportional to the number of unstable atoms, with exponential decay dictating … Continue reading

Replacing a hottub water pump 

Ontario-geofish [2014-04-02 02:01:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (22 visits) info
I just did this video for me.  There are lots out there on repairs, but I have to remember how to do it next time.  :) Anyway, the dog thought it was

Exploiting high resolution topography data for advancing the understanding of mass and energy transfer across landscapes: Opportunities, challenges, and needs (USGS Powell Center working group) 

Active Tectonics Blog [2014-04-01 04:00:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (308 visits) info

"TIME FOR IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS"--That is one of the opportunities presented to USGS Powell Center Working Groups. Indeed and quite pleasantly we have begun our discussions in the working group entitled "Exploiting high resolution topography data for advancing the understanding of mass and energy transfer across landscapes: Opportunities, challenges, and needs". This project is lead by Paola Passalaqua (UT Austin) and Patrick Belmont (Utah State). Here is a flyer on our [...] | Impressum