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Friday, 21 November 2014

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Europasaurus, um anão com cabeça. 

Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) [10:44:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (2 visits) info
Ilustração de Gerhard Boeggemann  Depois de um trabalho extensivo sobre a anatomia do esqueleto axial de Europasaurus publicado em 2014 por José Luis Carballido e Martin Sander, foi publicado recentemente um estudo que contempla a descrição do crânio deste pequeno saurópode. Reconstuição do cranio de Europasaurus (Marpmann et al. 2014). Recentemente estivemos en Münchehagen

The most important essay on scholarly publication this week 

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [10:05:07]  recommend  recommend this post  (8 visits) info
…is not actually about scholarly publication. It’s Steve Albini’s keynote address at Melbourne’s Face the Music conference. It’s about the music industry, and how the internet transformed it from a restrictive, top-down oligarchy that mostly benefited middlemen into a more open, level, vibrant ecosystem where artists can get worldwide exposure for free, and yet are

Asaphellus fazovataensis trilobite from Morocco 

Views of the Mahantango [09:01:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (7 visits) info
A recent addition to my Moroccan trilobites is this Asaphellus fezouataensis from the Ordovician (Floian stage), Fezouata Formation in the Draa Valley near Zagora, Morocco (Western Sahara). I bought this at a [...]

Unternehmenswettbewerb für Klimadenker ausgelobt 

Netzwerk für geowissenschaftliche Öffentlichkeitsarbeit [08:22:38]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info
Ecolo Bremen lädt Start-Ups der Region HB-OL-FRI ein: 8.000 Euro

Wooster’s Fossils of the Week: A trace fossil from the Ordovician of Estonia 

Wooster Geologists [05:35:35]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info
 Ordovician; EE,
The fossils above have been in a previous post as examples of hyolith internal molds from the Middle Ordovician of northern Estonia. I collected them on my first visit to the Baltic countries in 2006. This [...]

Bag of Questions for the Bay of Bengal 

JOIDES Resolution blogs [04:45:41]  recommend  recommend this post  (14 visits) info
While packing my bags for my journey to the Bay of Bengal, I double check to make sure I do not forget anything.  What I know for sure is that I [...]

Educator How-To: How to Make Your Own Pet Squid 

BEYONDbones [02:00:01]  recommend  recommend this post  (16 visits) info
The days just after Thanksgiving are always busy at the Museum. There are flurries of children on field trips, shoppers looking for that unusual and prefect gift and, my favorite, the annual installation of [...]

Las ciudades sostenibles de Adolfo Serra 

Koprolitos [08:40:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (7 visits) info
Adolfo Serra es un ilustrador nacido en Teruel (España) que estudió Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas, pero que muy temprano retornó a su verdadera pasión desde niño: dibujar. De esta forma, retomó los [...]

November 21, 2014 News [07:10:28]  recommend  recommend this post  (13 visits) info
Heavy Metal Frost on Venus ?The Geological Society of America Volcanoes on Warmest Ocean Waters on RecordKITV4 & University of Hawaii Alaska Shows No Signs of Rising Arctic MethaneNASA [...]

The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets 

Water and Megacities [05:18:44]  recommend  recommend this post  (17 visits) info
On Wednesday 19th 2014 the second annual World Toilet Day was celebrated. It is backed by the United Nations and intends to raise awareness about the 2.5 billion people worldwide who still don’t have access [...]

2014 On Way to Hottest Year on Record 

Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [03:24:31]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info
My friends at Climate Central produced an excellent video that you should see and

Dinosaur Tournament Part 1 

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [00:35:14]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info
So today, I decided to make a dinosaur tournament with 16 dinosaurs. (all dinosaurs will be told later) I want you to choose who is cooler-looking out of the dinosaurs below.  Triceratops VS Allosaurus [...] | Impressum