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Saturday, 22 November 2014

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Is publishing “just a button”? 

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [11:00:38]  recommend  recommend this post  (9 visits) info
Matt’s post yesterday was one of several posts on this blog that have alluded to Clay Shirky’s now-classic article How We Will Read [archived copy]. Here is the key passage that we keep coming back to: Publishing is not evolving. Publishing is going away. Because the word “publishing” means a cadre of professionals who are

Born This Day: Steve Clemente from Skull Island 

Palaeoblog [09:29:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (13 visits) info
imageSteve Clemente (born Esteban Clemento Morro Nov. 22, 1885—May 7, 1950) was a Mexican actor known for his many villainous roles. He began acting in his teens, signing up for his first movie, The Secret Man, in 1917. His later, numerous roles were usually bit parts and he was an expert knife thrower. He was a known scene stealer and was famous for his villainous snarl. He later starred

Daohugoupterus, un nuevo pterosaurio del Jurásico de China 

DinoAstur. Blog sobre La Costa de los Dinosaurios [09:00:09]  recommend  1 recommendations  (12 visits) info
La revista Historical Biology publica la descipción de un nuevo género y especie de pterosaurio del Jurásico Superior de China. Fotografía y dibujo interpretativo del fósil holotipo de Daohugoupterus [...]

Rothera Station, Antarctica 

polar soils blog [02:18:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (14 visits) info
A few days ago, we flew from Punta Arenas, Chile to Rothera Station in Antarctica. We flew in a small Dash 7 that is operated by the British Antarctic Survey.Dash 7 waiting for us in Punta Arenas, ChileWe flew [...]

Convert Matlab colormap to Surfer colormap 

MyCarta [01:00:45]  recommend  recommend this post  (16 visits) info
In the comment section of my last post, Steve asked if I had code to generate a Surfer.clr file from my Matlab colormaps. Some time ago I did write a

Dinosaur Tournament Part #2 

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [00:50:04]  recommend  recommend this post  (13 visits) info
So today, I decided to make a dinosaur tournament with 16 dinosaurs. (all dinosaurs will be told later) I want you to choose who is cooler-looking out of the dinosaurs below. Ankylosaurus VS Stegosaurus [...]

Climbing to the Top of Wayna Picchu, Peru 

Earthly Musings [03:22:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (17 visits) info
One of the extra-ordinary activities to undertake while visiting the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu is to take the trail to the top of the very obvious "sugarloaf" mountain that is usually framed behind the ruins. [...]

Bárðarbunga volcano update Friday 21-November-2014 

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [01:27:36]  recommend  recommend this post  (16 visits) info
This is going to be a short update. There are no major changes in the eruption in Holuhraun. From the looks on the web cameras it appears that wall of the crater has possibly collapsed, I don’t have [...]

getting samples shipped 

Accidental Remediation [00:56:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info
I think I'm at the final piece of my sample shipment/management saga. Part 1 is here, part 2 is here, part 3 is here, and part 4 is here. Let's recap. When shipping samples, you need to make sure that the [...]

Grand Canyon North Rim quake 

Arizona Geology [00:40:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info
A magnitude 2.9 earthquake occurred  shortly after noon today on the north side of Grand Canyon.  The USGS placed the epicenter about 19 miles northwest of Grand Canyon Village, but Dr. Jeri Young who runs [...] | Impressum