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Friday, 21 October 2016

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The Aberfan victims and survivors 

The Landslide Blog [09:41:41]  recommend  recommend this post  (3 visits) info
The Aberfan victims and survivors Today is the 50th anniversary of Aberfan, an event that will be commemorated both at the site and across the United Kingdom.  It is of course a day to remember the Aberfan victims, the majority of whom were children and teachers at the Pantglas Junior School, and to hear accounts of the survivors.  Those lost are remembered in a simple memorial garden at Aberfan, with

Wooster’s Pseudofossils of the Week: Artifacts in thin-sections of Ordovician limestones from southeastern Minnesota 

Wooster Geologists [06:01:43]  recommend  recommend this post  (11 visits) info
It is always exciting to a geologist when thin-sections of curious rocks are completed and ready for view. A thin-section is a wafer of rock (30 microns thick) glues to a glass slide and examined by transmitted light through a petrographic microscope. They provide fantastic views of the mineralogy, paleontology, and structure of a rock

Pholidophorus bechei Fish Fossil 

Louisville Area Fossils [04:00:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (8 visits) info
This image is of the Pholidophorus bechei fish fossil. It was found in the Lower Lias of Lyme Regis England. The Blue Lias is in the bottom 32 meters of blue-gray limestone. This animal lived during the [...] | Impressum