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  6. State of the Planet (137 visits)
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      Machine Learning

      Seismos [2019-08-15 23:08:00]   recommend this post  (256 visits)
      Originally posted to LinkedIn, I moved this thread here to give hard links and allow  expansion of the original post beyond LinkedIn length limits. ——————————-I am looking for examples of geoscience problems solved by machine [...]

      Mission Jurassic

      Geology in the West Country [2019-08-17 15:47:00]   recommend this post  (242 visits)
      Mission Jurassic I have been away and had not seen this. Fortunately a correspondent sent me THE LINK. It is all about a new find of dinosaur skeletons in Wyoming. It looks rather like Dinosaur National Monument in Utah which WEGA visited a couple [...]


      ARCHEA [2019-08-16 08:12:00]   recommend this post  (189 visits)
      Hiking in BC, both grizzly and black bear sightings are common. Nearly half the world's population, some 25,000 grizzlies, roam the Canadian wilderness. Both bear families descend from a common ancestor, Ursavus, a bear-dog the size of a raccoon [...]


      ARCHEA [2019-08-16 19:41:00]   recommend this post  (166 visits)
      Fossil remains of Agriotherium, the short-faced giant bear, have been found in Collepardo, Italy. A fragment of a mandible was unearthed back in 2015 in the province of Frosinone. Thanks to several years of research and a recent CT scan, the team [...]

      Metamorphic evidence of plate tectonic evolution

      earth-pages - Research News from the Earth Sciences [2019-08-12 12:13:43]   recommend this post  (69 visits)
      Read about tracking ancient paired metamorphic belts using data mining and statistics as a guide to the evolution of modern plate tectonics at Earth-logs Eclogite: the red-brown mineral is garnet, omphacite is green and there is some white [...]


      ARCHEA [2019-08-11 19:54:00]   recommend this post  (64 visits)
      This beauty is the fruit of the lotus, Nelumbo. This specimen was found by Green River Stone (GRS) in early Eocene outcrops of the Fossil Lake Member of the Green River Formation. The awesome possums from GRS are based out of North Logan, Utah, USA [...]

      Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Active Tectonics, Uni Oxford

      Paleoseismicity [2019-08-12 09:30:01]   recommend this post  (57 visits)
      The Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford is currently recruiting a PDRA in Active Tectonics Research: We seek to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to work closely with Professor Richard Walker as part of a broader [...]

      Piton de la Fournaise: Neuer Ausbruch hat begonnen

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2019-08-12 10:36:17]   recommend this post  (56 visits)
      Gestern Nachmittag (Ortszeit) begann am Piton de la Fournaise der 4. Vulkanausbruch in diesem Jahr. Seismische Daten deuteten darauf hin, dass sch auf der Ostflanke eine Spalte öffnete. Sie liegt auf deutlich geringerer Höhe als die 3 [...]

      SSA call for papers on Ridgecrest Earthquakes and historical seismograms

      Paleoseismicity [2019-08-14 10:27:50]   recommend this post  (53 visits)
      The Seismological Society of America has currently three interesting calls for papers. BSSA Call for Papers: Special Issue on the 2019 Ridgecrest, California, Earthquake Sequence: SRL Data Mine Focus [...]

      Piton de la Fournaise: Lavastrom nähert sich Küstenstraße

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2019-08-13 10:09:39]   recommend this post  (52 visits)
      Die Eruption am Piton de la Fournaise geht in den dritten Tag und die Lavaströme fließen weiter. Vulkanologen des OVPF konnten Observierungsflüge per Heli unternehmen und sich ein klares Bild der Situation machen: Am Sonntag öffneten sich [...] | Impressum