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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

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ARCHEA [22:43:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (10 visits) info
The chunky ammonite Proeuhoplites subtuberculatus, bed II (iv), Folkstone Gault Clay, county of Kent, southeast England. This matrix you see here is the Gault Clay, known locally as the Blue Slipper. This fine muddy clay was deposited 105-110 million years ago during the Lower Cretaceous (Upper and Middle Albian) in a calm, fairly deep-water continental shelf that covered what is now

Session on Advances in Archaeoseismology: Methods, Techniques, and Case Studies at the ESC 2020, 6-11 Sep, Corfu 

Paleoseismicity [15:48:32]  recommend  recommend this post  (142 visits) info
Klaus-G. Hinzen, Fabrizio Galadini, Shmuel Marco, Stathis Stiros, and Amanda M. Gaggioli invite contributions to an archaeoseismology session at the 37. Assembly of the European Seismological Commission (ESC) 2020, September 6-11 in Corfu, Greece. Deadline for abstract submission is April 12th 2020. Session description Archaeoseismological studies are often made with great enthusiasm and dedication to a certain object or building. Motivation for the research can be manifold, e.g., (1) extend [...]

La tortuga de la sal de Murcia: Una nueva forma gigante Europea 

Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) [15:37:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (77 visits) info
Hasta ahora se conocía un único género de tortugas terrestres gigantes en Europa. Se trataba de la exitosa Titanochelon, representada por cerca de una decena de especies y cuyo registro fósil es reconocido [...]

What is the California state soil? 

SOILS MATTER, GET THE SCOOP! [07:21:53]  recommend  recommend this post  (21 visits) info
As you know, many states have a designated state bird, flower, fish, tree, rock, etc. And, many states also have a state soil – one that has significance or is


ARCHEA [01:48:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (9 visits) info
Brewericeras hulenense (Anderson 1938) a fast-moving, nektonic (no idle floating here!) carnivorous ammonite from the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) of Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), British Columbia, [...]

Evolución=Motivación (Jose Tomás) 

Koprolitos [10:34:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (7 visits) info
Nueva pieza de Jose Tomás en la que a través de una tradición navideña descubrimos un posible motor evolutivo... Puedes ver más de Jose Tomás en Koprolitos, en su Instagram o en su Twitter.

Anatomy of a Record High 

Wooster Geologists [03:07:33]  recommend  recommend this post  (32 visits) info
Like several towns and cities in the midwest and northeast USA, Wooster, OH broke its daily high temperature record for January 11 last Saturday. Below is a graph of some of the data (made a little prettier in [...]

Data Shaving 

Ontario-geofish [00:55:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (78 visits) info
For global temperatures, the satellite results treat a pixel of ocean the same as a pixel of land.  Then it is all averaged.  But that shows that global temps have been flat for years.  Not good for the [...] | Impressum