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Finding the missing puzzle pieces!

        Another week is complete, but don’t worry—there’s still plenty of fossils to be found! The beautiful weather was a good sign for this week’s prosperity. On Monday, whilst the fossil crew was preparing a site for our Season Dig Launch we found another phalange (finger bone) of the short-neck plesiosaur, Ianto — one of our big 2008 season finds! Which leads us to believe, there’s still more Ianto to uncover! Later that day at another dig site, we dug up more articulated (connected) mosasaur vertebrae (back bones), Xiphactinus vertebra, and a mosasaur jaw bone including some teeth!          Tuesday was our first school dig tour, everyone had a blast and the kids found a few fossils. Wednesday was a particularly successful day. At one site we found a couple of really small fish vertebrae, Xiphactinus vertebrae, a mosasaur vertabra, ribs, and other fossil fragments.          Saturday was CFDC's big Season Launch, and we offered free tours and free digging to the public. It was a great success, drawing in over 200 visitors to the museum. Thank-you to all who came out, and great work on finding over fifteen fossils, including various fish vertebrae, mosasaur vertebrae, rib fragments, and two carpels (wrist bones) from Ianto!
-Jaclyn Kozak | Impressum