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New from Snet: Lithologs, a new tool to create lithological/sedimentological logs online..

Geoblogosphere weekly review (15th week of 2010, 923 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. News (37 posts)
  2. Arizona Geology (25 posts)
  3. Ontario-geofish (14 posts)
  4. Laelaps (12 posts)
  5. Geology News (12 posts)
  6. Palaeoblog (11 posts)
  7. The Dragon’s Tales (10 posts)
  8. Geotripper (8 posts)
  9. Gunnars Geo-Blog (8 posts)
  10. Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings (7 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. Ontario-geofish (449 visits)
  2. Olelog (372 visits)
  3. Geology News (351 visits)
  4. And the Water seems inviting (351 visits)
  5. Nölogic (343 visits)
  6. Through the Sandglass (334 visits)
  7. Tetrapod Zoology (330 visits)
  8. ARCHEA (330 visits)
  9. Mente et Malleo (323 visits)
  10. Wry Heat (285 visits)


Top keywords:
  1. earthquake (26)
  2. magnitude (23)
  3. quake (19)
  4. geology (16)
  5. Earthquakes (12)
  6. sierra el mayor (10)
  7. usgs (10)
  8. specimen (10)
  9. dinosaurs (10)
  10. baja california (10)
Top places:
  1. Baja California (18)
  2. Arizona (15)
  3. California (14)
  4. United States (14)
  5. South Africa (10)
  6. Africa (9)
  7. Portugal (8)
  8. Mexico (8)
  9. China (7)
  10. Indonesia (7)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Triassic (8)
  2. Jurassic (8)
  3. Neogene (5)
  4. Cretaceous (5)
  5. Mesozoic (5)
  6. Permian (5)
  7. Ordovician (5)
  8. Quaternary (3)
  9. Paleogene (2)
  10. Carboniferous (2)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

If it's Tuesday, this must be Indonesia (Earthquake!)

Ontario-geofish [2010-04-07 02:26:00]   recommend this post  (370 visits)
ArticleYeah! Another day, another earthquake! This happened right on the plane of the big 2004 M9.1, so it's a bit unusual, and might be called a large and late aftershock. M7.8 really isn't that large in this neck of the woods!Unless it [...]

Just in case you didn't know: Free digital Geological Maps (USGS)

Nölogic [2010-04-06 15:12:00]   recommend this post  (343 visits)
May be this is just old news for you but possibly it is useful for someone out there. After browsing for basic geological maps of the United States, I discovered a page that solved all of my problems. Here at a page provided by the USGS, you can [...]

Footprints in the sand - ancient and modern

Through the Sandglass [2010-04-05 09:00:00]   recommend this post  (321 visits)
The great rift valleys of east Africa were and are dynamic places, tectonically and volcanically vigorous as the continent attempted to tear itself apart – and they were also our birthplace. A year ago I wrote about work on

Katla Next Icelandic Volcano to Blow?

Olelog [2010-04-04 17:21:36]   recommend this post  (321 visits)
Monitoring of the Icelandic Katla volcano, beneath the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, has been intensified following the March 2010 eruption of a fissure volcano beneath the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. The eruption of this nearby long-dormant volcano in [...]


ARCHEA [2010-04-04 18:06:00]   recommend this post  (318 visits)
About two dozen families of eurypterids “sea scorpions” are known from the fossil record. Although these ancient predators have a superficial similarity, including a defensive needle-like spike or telson at their tail end, they are not true [...]

95 Mio. Jahre alte Bernsteinklumpen mit Insekten, Pilzen und Bakterien gefunden

And the Water seems inviting [2010-04-06 16:18:16]   recommend this post  (313 visits)
Ich bin keine Paläontologe, aber solche Nachrichten sind wohl für alle Wissenschaftler spannend:In Afrika wurden Brocken von Bernstein gefunden, die Organismen der Kreidezeit einschließen - Jurassic Park lässt grüßen!Im Harz des unbekannten [...]

Another extant squamate ticked off the life list :)

Tetrapod Zoology [2010-04-08 01:47:33]   recommend this post  (311 visits)
I was thrilled and delighted to encounter this amazing beast at a recent meeting. It's another of those creatures that you might know well from the literature, but (you assume) are unlikely to ever see in the flesh. Yet here it is... Read the rest [...]

Update zum Eyjafjallajökull, 06. April 2010

Mente et Malleo [2010-04-06 18:01:00]   recommend this post  (298 visits)
(Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory) Am Eyjafjallajökull tut sich was. Am 31. März hat sich nordwestlich der älteren Spalte ein neuer Schlot geöffnet. Die obere Aufnahme in natürlichen Farben wurde am 1. April 2010 [...]

Daily Geology Photos – April 4

Geology News [2010-04-04 18:20:09]   recommend this post  (297 visits)
A summary of photos posted on flickr today, tagged with “geology.” Displayed below are 45 geology-related photos were added to flickr today.

Statistical Games #2 Stroke for Stroke

Wry Heat [2010-04-08 00:18:35]   recommend this post  (279 visits)
Earlier this week I wrote about some common pitfalls in statistical analysis. (See Statistical Games #1) This morning’s Arizona Daily Star presented a good example of a questionable statistical study: Study Walking lowers stroke risk The study [...] | Impressum