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Geoblogosphere weekly review (34th week of 2019, 4 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. State of the Planet (10 posts)
  2. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (9 posts)
  3. ARCHEA (7 posts)
  4. Ontario-geofish (6 posts)
  5. Koprolitos (4 posts)
  6. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (3 posts)
  7. The Landslide Blog (3 posts)
  8. Geotripper (2 posts)
  9. JOIDES Resolution blogs (2 posts)
  10. Geology in the West Country (2 posts)
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  1. ARCHEA (380 visits)
  2. Ontario-geofish (285 visits)
  3. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (231 visits)
  4. The Landslide Blog (162 visits)
  5. Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal (134 visits)
  6. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (118 visits)
  7. State of the Planet (75 visits)
  8. Koprolitos (65 visits)
  9. Geotripper (63 visits)
  10. Oakland Geology (56 visits)


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  1. Vulkanausbrüche: aktuelle Nachrichten und Infos (6)
  2. Cómic (3)
  3. Climate (3)
  4. General Earth Institute (3)
  5. Naturkatastrophen: Nachrichten und Hintergründe (2)
  6. landslide report (2)
  7. EXP385T (1)
  8. Sustainability (1)
  9. British Columbia (1)
  10. Noticias Paleontológicas (1)
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      ARCHEA [2019-08-18 16:00:00]   recommend this post  (128 visits)
      A wonderful example of the “armoured” worm, Lepidocoleus sarlei, from Middle Silurian outcrops in the Rochester Shale Formation, Middleport, New York, USA. The Rochester Shales are known for their wonderful diversity of marine fossil specimens, [...]

      The stupidest head

      Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [2019-08-21 09:57:44]   recommend this post  (105 visits)


      ARCHEA [2019-08-21 02:37:00]   recommend this post  (81 visits)
      This beautifully prepped specimen of a Balearites cf. balearis (Nolan, 1984) ammonite is from Upper Hauterivian deposits near Tamri, a small seaside town and rural commune in Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane Prefecture, Souss-Massa, Morocco. Aside from [...]

      The Kavalappara landslide in the western Ghats of India

      The Landslide Blog [2019-08-21 03:54:12]   recommend this post  (71 visits)
      At 7:30 pm on 8th August 2019 the large Kavalappara landslide in Wayanad District in India buried a small community, killing 59 people. The post The Kavalappara landslide in the western Ghats of India appeared first on The Landslide Blog.

      This May be the Best Cloud Formation Picture Ever!

      Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [2019-08-22 04:42:15]   recommend this post  (71 visits)
      Don Burdick took a photo in Rehoboth Beach Tuesday afternoon that just may be the most stunning cloud image I’ve seen. This image makes a meteorologist’s jaw drop but Don’s partner, who works at NOAA in Washington, had to convince him that it [...]

      Darlington headaches begin

      Ontario-geofish [2019-08-20 14:59:00]   recommend this post  (70 visits)
      Reference It is standard practice at my old company to say everything is peachy until the last day when it is due.  Then it is delayed.  The worst is that every department does this on every little thing. My main prediction is that this is a [...]

      Warmyism begins to crack

      Ontario-geofish [2019-08-20 18:23:00]   recommend this post  (70 visits)
      Sudbury was lamenting the effects of a long, harsh winter, it was affecting house sales. and amazingly we have this article by the CBC.  It essentially says that cold air is caused by cold air. Reference First of all, it mentions the very [...]


      ARCHEA [2019-08-19 23:22:00]   recommend this post  (63 visits)
      A lovely example of the ammonite, Cératites Nodosus, an extinct genus of nektonic marine carnivore from shell limestone superior deposits near Alsace on the Rhine River plain of northeastern France. You can see the nice ceratitic suture pattern on [...]

      Scientists Roast Heartland Twitter Post

      Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [2019-08-20 10:02:26]   recommend this post  (63 visits)
      “Twitter is the only invention in human history that makes it possible to show the entire world your ignorance in two sentences.”- Me The Heartland Institute got roasted by a lot of scientists on Twitter this past weekend, and it was well [...]

      A high resolution Planet Labs image of the Pingdi landslide in China

      The Landslide Blog [2019-08-20 04:39:02]   recommend this post  (59 visits)
      A Planet Labs high resolution satellite image of the 23rd July 2019 Pingdi landslide in Liupanshui, Guizhou, China, which killed 51 people The post A high resolution Planet Labs image of the Pingdi landslide in China appeared first on The Landslide [...] | Impressum