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Geoblogosphere weekly review (27th week of 2012, 712 weeks ago)


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  1. News (23 posts)
  2. State of the Planet (9 posts)
  3. Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) (8 posts)
  4. GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union (8 posts)
  5. Geology News (7 posts)
  6. The Landslide Blog (7 posts)
  7. James’ Empty Blog (6 posts)
  8. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (6 posts)
  9. Arizona Geology (6 posts)
  10. Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal (6 posts)
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  3. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (577 visits)
  4. EffJot (german) (565 visits)
  5. State of the Planet (397 visits)
  6. Olelog (385 visits)
  7. Geopark Araripe (358 visits)
  8. Highly Allochthonous (352 visits)
  9. GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union (340 visits)
  10. Geschichte der Geologie (331 visits)


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  5. United Kingdom (6)
  6. India (6)
  7. New York (5)
  8. France (5)
  9. Hierro Island (5)
  10. Canada (5)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Ordovician (4)
  2. Quaternary (4)
  3. Paleogene (3)
  4. Triassic (3)
  5. Jurassic (2)
  6. Cretaceous (2)
  7. Devonian (1)
  8. Neogene (1)
  9. Cambrian (1)
  10. Silurian (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Gut geschminkt ist halb studiert

EffJot (german) [2012-06-28 20:24:38]   recommend this post  (565 visits)
Ich hab davon gelesen, mir's aber nicht angeschaut. Ich hätte es besser sein lassen – der Clip ist ja wirklich so schlimm wie alle sagen. Immerhin, die Rolle des Manns ist aufs passive Frauenanglotzen

Infernal specimens of the AMNH

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [2012-06-24 11:03:37]   recommend this post  (348 visits)
Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. You may recall a story from the Onion Our Dumb Century book, allegedly from 1904, about the skeleton of Satan being discovered in Wyoming. Mike used his occult powers to put together this scan from [...]

Greenland Blessed with Earth's Oldest Known Impact Crater

Olelog [2012-06-30 10:36:00]   recommend this post  (332 visits)
On a Nordic geological winter meeting in Oslo in January 2010 Adam Garde told about a possible impact structure in Greenland (see my post). He and co-authors have now published further findings in a paper in Earth and Planetary Science Letters of 1 [...]

Das Geheimnis der Dolomiten

Geschichte der Geologie [2012-06-24 20:50:00]   recommend this post  (331 visits)
Zusammenfassung des ursprünglichen Artikels von Scientific American"The Mysterious Microbial Origin of Mountains"  Die Landschaft der Dolomiten wird durch eine Mineral- bzw. Gesteinsart geprägt, die den "Bleichen Berge" auch ihren Namen  [...]

Cúpula repete promessas e adia as ações para 2015

Geopark Araripe [2012-06-25 00:05:00]   recommend this post  (330 visits)
A Conferência da ONU sobre Desenvolvimento Sustentável terminou como começara: num tom melancólico e sem surpresas. A Rio+20 fica marcada pela distância entre a expectativa da sociedade civil e o que os governos e diplomatas foram capazes de [...]

Fighting the spammers

Arizona Geology [2012-06-24 23:46:00]   recommend this post  (314 visits)
At least one spammer has discovered this blog.  Over the last 5 years, there has been a low level of spam comments received that I delete before being posted. But now, some troll for an online payday lender is bombarding me with hundreds of [...]

Wooster’s Fossil of the Week: A mastodon tusk (Late Pleistocene of Holmes County, Ohio)

Wooster Geologists [2012-06-24 07:00:04]   recommend this post  (305 visits)
This long and weathered tusk sits in a display case outside my office. It is from the American Mastodon (Mammut americanum) and was found many decades ago in Holmes County, just south of Wooster. A tooth found with it was a previous Fossil of the [...]

Stuff we linked to on Twitter last week

Highly Allochthonous [2012-06-25 03:04:08]   recommend this post  (296 visits)
After a long hiatus, our weekly link-sharing extravaganza returns! Comprising the most interesting and notable things we have found around the internet in the last few days. Other posts on All-geo On Metageologist: Scotland, 1 billion years ago: an [...]

Building a 14,000 Foot Cairn

New Stories in Stone [2012-06-25 05:32:02]   recommend this post  (268 visits)
Although Colorado is home to more fourteeners, or peaks over 14,000 feet ... [ continue

On the Hot Spot (V) - een metamorfose

Planeet Aarde [2012-06-25 07:31:21]   recommend this post  (263 visits)
Op amper een kwartiertje rijden van het zonnige Kahului, de havenstad op Maui, komen we terecht in de Iao vallei, waar het dag in dag uit stortregent. Met meer dan 9 m neerslag per jaar is dit dan ook een van de natste plaatsen op Aarde. In deze [...] | Impressum