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      Japan: Erdbeben M 5,7 beim Mt. Sanbe

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2018-04-09 09:54:53]   recommend this post  (252 visits)
      Auf der japanischen Insel Honshu ereignete sich ein Erdbeben der Magnitude 5,7. Es folgten Nachbeben mit Magnituden zwischen 4,7 und 4,4. Die Hypozentren lagen in Tiefen zwischen 10 km und 8 km. Das besondere des Erdbebens ist seine Lage im [...]

      Running Out of Natural Gas in the US East

      Ontario-geofish [2018-04-13 20:21:00]   recommend this post  (220 visits)
      You read it here first.  Since I keep track of natgas for Oklahoma earthquakes, I noticed last week that they only had 2 weeks of reserves, and I was predicting a lot more winter, due to our little ice age problem.  This is now confirmed by the [...]

      Climate Monday: Putting Recent Weather in Context

      Wooster Geologists [2018-04-10 01:30:05]   recommend this post  (205 visits)
      It snowed in Wooster today. It also snowed in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Maryland, and several other states. Across the Northeast and Midwest, baseball broadcasters, news anchors, my coworkers, and even random people on the street are remarking [...]

      HMNS Weekly Happeinings

      BEYONDbones [2018-04-09 23:31:10]   recommend this post  (202 visits)
        Lecture – Jousting – The Sport of Kings Jousting tournaments were held as grand sporting and social events in medieval times. These events sealed the mystique of the knight into modern times. In full knight armor, historian and historical [...]

      Kilauea: Explosionen aus dem Lavasee

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2018-04-08 12:08:47]   recommend this post  (186 visits)
      Am Freitag ereignete sich ein Steinschlag vom Rand des Pitkraters in der Halema‘uma‘u-Caldera. Gesteinsmassen stürzten in den Lavasee und lösten Explosionen aus. Den Beobachtern am Jaggar-Museum bot sich ein faszinierender Anblick, als eine [...]

      Linux -- writing to an ext4 flash drive

      Ontario-geofish [2018-04-13 19:53:00]   recommend this post  (184 visits)
      If you have a file larger than 4 gbyte, then you need to go to ext4, a linux filesystem.  This is not as easy as it might appear, since ext4 carries the full linux permissions thing.  You never had to worry about that with fat32. I wanted to [...]

      Close Study of Lake Toxins With New Techniques Reveals Good News

      Lake Scientist [2018-04-09 17:40:00]   recommend this post  (181 visits)
      A closer look at cyanotoxins in a North Carolina lake reveals safe levels for users, and a baseline for researchers moving forward. The post Close Study of Lake Toxins With New Techniques Reveals Good News appeared first on Lake Scientist.

      The “Different Branch” Of The Tyrannosaurinae

      Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2018-04-08 23:23:22]   recommend this post  (181 visits)
      Alioramus. Image by Fred Wierum (Own work) [CC by 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons. Foreword I was browsing through some blogs about alioramins and I came across CurryMan21’s blog “Carnivore Profiles: Alioramus remotus” and Carnoferox [...]

      Concavenator Corcovatus

      Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2018-04-08 01:17:21]   recommend this post  (169 visits)
        Concavenator Corcovatus was a carcharodontosaurid dinosaur which had a hump on it’s back and lived in an archipelago in what is now Spain. This theropod most likely preyed on ornithopods such as Pelicamimus and beached fish.   Lived approx. [...]

      Small Vertebrates, Killed By A Giant Megalosaur?

      Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2018-04-08 00:02:51]   recommend this post  (164 visits)
      Torvosaurus tanneri in a forest. Image by Holden Williams (me) (Own Work). The megalosauroid Torvosaurus tanneri seems like a textbook example of a large theropod going after sauropodomorphs, with the giant size and whatnot. Despite the fearsome [...] | Impressum