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Geoblogosphere weekly review (23th week of 2015, 411 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. Palaeoblog (11 posts)
  2. Arizona Geology (7 posts)
  3. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (6 posts)
  4. News (6 posts)
  5. Rohstoff Blog (6 posts)
  6. Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal (6 posts)
  7. State of the Planet (5 posts)
  8. Geotripper (4 posts)
  9. (4 posts)
  10. BEYONDbones (4 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. Palaeoblog (1100 visits)
  2. Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal (790 visits)
  3. Arizona Geology (704 visits)
  4. Geotripper (659 visits)
  5. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (547 visits)
  6. News (521 visits)
  7. The Lost Geologist (511 visits)
  8. Theropoda (460 visits)
  9. Koprolitos (376 visits)
  10. Views of the Mahantango (367 visits)


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  3. California (5)
  4. Antarctic (4)
  5. Wealden District (4)
  6. Greenland (4)
  7. Alnif (3)
  8. Nepal (3)
  9. Nevada (3)
  10. Morocco (3)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Cretaceous (5)
  2. Devonian (3)
  3. Jurassic (3)
  4. Cambrian (1)
  5. Triassic (1)
  6. Carboniferous (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

The chemistry of penguin poop

polar soils blog [2015-06-02 22:01:00]   recommend this post  (345 visits)
In the past, I have posted about working in the penguin rookeries. Most people associate penguins with ice and water, but Adélie penguins nest on land. Their nests can change the soil, because where penguins nest, they poop! You can see that poop [...]

How Strange Has the Weather Been? This was the Death Valley Region only a week ago

Geotripper [2015-05-31 08:02:00]   recommend this post  (340 visits)
Zabriskie Point in late May. It's usually over 100 degrees and sunny this time of year. The weather was a last week as we hit the road to the southwest. We meant to drive over Tioga Pass, and made it to Crane Flat, only to find the pass [...]

Zeolite pirate face

The Lost Geologist [2015-05-31 02:50:00]   recommend this post  (301 visits)
A potential spin-off of the almost finished doctoral project are lithium-rich hectorite deposits. Thanks to cool people at the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) University Munich I recently had the opportunity to use their Environmental Scanning [...]

The Beginning of an El Niño Trip: North-Central and Western Nevada

Looking for Detachment [2015-06-01 13:55:00]   recommend this post  (295 visits)
An El Niño has supposedly set in (starting when, exactly, I'm not sure). And if precipitation continues to be anything like it has been during the last several weeks, I hope it's here for the the long haul, that is, into the winter. Rain shower [...]

Un'Estate nel Mondo Giurassico

Theropoda [2015-05-31 10:51:00]   recommend this post  (275 visits)
Domani, sarà il primo giugno, un mese che molti di voi attendono con grande trepidazione. Sarà finalmente il mese in cui ci immergeremo tutti nella stupefacente meraviglia del Mondo Giurassico. Non siete emozionati, eccitati, scalpitanti? In [...]

Popular ELI in May - The space within - the porosity of rocks

Earth Learning Idea [2015-06-01 16:15:00]   recommend this post  (274 visits)
A popular Earthlearningidea in May was "The space within - the porosity of rocks; investigating the amount of pore space between the 'grains' of a model 'rock'" Underground water supplies and reserves of oil and gas depend on the [...]

Imaggeo on Mondays: Scales of fluvial dissection

GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union [2015-06-01 12:30:10]   recommend this post  (271 visits)
High peaks, winding river channels and a barren landscape all feature in today’s Imaggeo on Mondays image, brought to you by Katja Laute, a geomorphologist from Norway.  This photo was taken from an airplane flying over the Zagros Mountains in [...]

‘San Andreas’ – a crack in the edge of credibility

Geological Society of London blog [2015-06-01 11:40:52]   recommend this post  (267 visits)
Geoscientist Editor Ted Nield reviews the latest geology-related cinema release. A divorced search and rescue helicopter pilot (Ray, played by Dwayne Johnson) goes in search of his daughter in earthquake-hit San Francisco and is reunited with her [...]

Something to Show your Neighbor Who Thinks Climate Change is a Hoax

Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [2015-06-01 03:40:11]   recommend this post  (264 visits)
One of the most common claims (by those who got their education about atmospheric physics staring at a computer screen in the basement) is that the increase in Antarctic Sea ice proves the planet is not warming. This myth is surprisingly widespread [...]

It Doesn't Get Deeper Than That

Seismo Blog [2015-05-31 00:55:00]   recommend this post  (262 visits) | Impressum