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Geoblogosphere weekly review (30th week of 2018, 112 weeks ago)


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  1. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (12 posts)
  2. Ontario-geofish (8 posts)
  3. Louisville Area Fossils (5 posts)
  4. Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) (5 posts)
  5. Koprolitos (5 posts)
  6. Dogeng Geology (4 posts)
  7. The Landslide Blog (3 posts)
  8. Geospace (3 posts)
  9. GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union (3 posts)
  10. Geotripper (2 posts)
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  1. Ontario-geofish (1165 visits)
  2. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (851 visits)
  3. Koprolitos (389 visits)
  4. (345 visits)
  5. Earthly Musings (241 visits)
  6. Oakland Geology (220 visits)
  7. Mente et Malleo (198 visits)
  8. GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union (195 visits)
  9. The Landslide Blog (165 visits)
  10. Accidental Remediation (151 visits)


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  2. Congresos (3)
  3. American Museum of Natural History (3)
  4. Naturkatastrophen: Nachrichten und Hintergründe (3)
  5. Atmospheric science (2)
  6. absolutismo (2)
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  10. Energy, Resources and the Environment (1)
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      The Autobiography of Sam Smith - 2

      Ontario-geofish [2018-07-22 21:07:00]   recommend this post  (247 visits)
      I, Sam Smith, continue to write this stuff.  It's funny how you remember more things as you lay it on the ethersphere.  I did have girlfriends.  In high school, I took the biology lab assistant (I was physics) to the prom.  When we were alone, [...]

      Green River Geology - Echo Park, Whirlpool Canyon and Split Mountain Gorge

      Earthly Musings [2018-07-23 19:40:00]   recommend this post  (241 visits)
      Continuing on our rafting trip just past the mouth of the Yampa River, we entered Echo Park, a lovely glen that is perched slightly on a Pleistocene (Ice Age) terrace along the Green River.The mature Fremont cottonwood trees (Populus fremontii) that [...]

      Lost In A Hat (2018)

      Koprolitos [2018-07-24 08:39:00]   recommend this post  (227 visits)
      Enmarcado en el proyecto final de su curso de animación en el National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) de la Bournemouth University de este mismo año, Jake Bishop (director), Matthew Jennings (escenarios y animación), Pierre Fourtina [...]

      The Autobiography of Sam Smith - Preface

      Ontario-geofish [2018-07-22 20:14:00]   recommend this post  (223 visits)
      Now that corruption is an everyday thing, my buddy Sam has decided to write his autobiography.  He's left me copies, and will fill things in as more of his colleagues die.  Start I, Sam Smith, write this fictional autobiography, which is [...]

      An Elverton update

      Oakland Geology [2018-07-23 17:02:44]   recommend this post  (220 visits)
      After a visit five years ago, I had high praise for Elverton Drive: “From end to end, it offers the best exposures anywhere of the Claremont chert.” This stuff, as seen a few weeks ago during a return visit. Those of you who’ve followed along [...]

      Linux - needs to be reinstalled

      Ontario-geofish [2018-07-22 22:18:00]   recommend this post  (219 visits)
      Blah.  My troubles with the ryzen5 continue.  After freezing once a day for weeks, it finally totally froze.  I have to

      The Autobiography of Sam Smith - 1

      Ontario-geofish [2018-07-22 20:45:00]   recommend this post  (200 visits)
      I, Sam Smith, entered university without a clue on what I wanted to do with my life.  I was a technical purist from a family of purists, and I went into the U of Tiwanna, Engineering Science program.  I had won the gold medal of top marks from my [...]

      Wer anderen eine Baugrube gräbt – Grundbau und Bodenmechanik

      Mente et Malleo [2018-07-26 22:20:29]   recommend this post  (198 visits)
      Bauen und damit das Ausheben von Baugruben erscheint uns fast alltäglich. Doch das ist alles andere als trivial, denn die Errichtung einer Baugrube stellt eine enorme Herausforderung dar. Dies gilt natürlich ganz besonders für Baugruben … [...]

      First Circular “30 years after the Spitak Earthquake: Experience and Perspectives” Conference, 3-7 Dec., 2018, Armenia [2018-07-24 09:55:19]   recommend this post  (176 visits)
      The conference “30 years after the Spitak Earthquake: Experience and Perspectives” will be held in Armenia from 3-7 December, 2018. Abstract deadline is 15 September. The first circular has just been released, download the PDF here. The abstract [...]

      Pata Days 2018 summer school [2018-07-24 19:48:27]   recommend this post  (169 visits)
      On Thursday 28th June, I had the opportunity, together with over 40 students and Early Career Researchers, to attend the full-day summer school organized during the 9th PATA Days Congress in Possidi, Greece. Gotha speakers gave short lectures on a [...] | Impressum