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Geoblogosphere weekly review (27th week of 2018, 115 weeks ago)


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  5. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (222 visits)
  6. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog (185 visits)
  7. Paleoseismicity (181 visits)
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      Tariffs Cost Ten Times the Initial Duty

      Ontario-geofish [2018-07-04 21:52:00]   recommend this post  (195 visits)
      We can't win a trade war against trumpler.  For every tariff we throw up, it costs us 10 times the initial amount.  Their economy is ten times ours, and it will take ten times as long for things in the US to fall apart. Canada should declare a [...]

      New papers on paleoseismology and active tectonics (July 2018)

      Paleoseismicity [2018-07-03 12:08:11]   recommend this post  (181 visits)
      A lot of interesting papers have been published in the past month, including studies on recent moderate to strong earthquakes, geomorphology, fault physics, and some classic paleoseismology. These are the latest articles on paleoseismology and [...]

      Gulf Stream Breaks Up

      Ontario-geofish [2018-07-04 16:18:00]   recommend this post  (168 visits)
      I've pointed out before to the English Majors that the Gulf Stream is dying.  On the sea temp map, it was always a distinctive warm streamer heading to the UK.  Last year, hurricanes followed the path.  Now it has detached to a nub and may die [...]

      Scallop Serving Dish at Biltmore Estate

      Louisville Area Fossils [2018-07-02 02:00:00]   recommend this post  (160 visits)
      While visiting the Biltmore Estate near Ashville, North Carolina, USA. I saw this plate in with a collection of other sea creature themed china serving dishes found in the Breakfast Room on the first floor. This purple serving dish appears to be [...]

      Ongoing earthquake swarm in Öræfajökull volcano (3-July-2018)

      Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2018-07-03 23:59:34]   recommend this post  (156 visits)
      During the last few hours there has been ongoing earthquake swarm in Öræfajökull volcano. This earthquake swarm started around 29-June-2018 in the south side of Öræfajökull volcano. At the moment the earthquake activity seems to be close or [...]

      Lithium: Brines, batteries and bottlenecks

      Geological Society of London blog [2018-07-02 10:33:42]   recommend this post  (155 visits)
      In early April, The Geological Society hosted a flagship meeting as part of the 2018 Year of Resources on Lithium: From exploration to End-user. The meeting was a fascinating insight into this increasingly important metal, all the way from [...]

      The Fallen Skull

      EXPEDITION LIVE! [2018-07-04 20:05:51]   recommend this post  (153 visits)
      This year our Montana expedition could be classified as a grab and dash operation.  Having discovered a what appeared to be a Triceratops prorsus skull in 2016, and explored with a few test pits in 2017, we returned this year with permit in hand to [...]

      Gunung Agung: größere explosive Eruption

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2018-07-02 17:57:09]   recommend this post  (136 visits)
      Am Gunung Agung auf Bali ereignete sich, gegen 21.15 Uhr Ortszeit, eine größere explosive Eruption. Das VAAC Darwin registrierte Vulkanasche in 8 km Höhe ü.NN. Der Vulkanausbruch ist auf der Seismik deutlich sichtbar. Große Teile der oberen [...]

      Great Lakes Meteotsunami Experts Hone in on Big Wave Forecasts

      Lake Scientist [2018-07-02 22:13:57]   recommend this post  (133 visits)
      Meteotsunamis are big waves that have been historically mislabeled and poorly forecasted in the Great Lakes. Experts are learning more and predictive tools are in sight. The post Great Lakes Meteotsunami Experts Hone in on Big Wave Forecasts [...]

      Friday fold: twisted turbidites at Usal Beach

      Mountain Beltway [2018-07-06 16:04:49]   recommend this post  (120 visits)
      Last week, I spent two perfect days camping with family at Usal Beach, in Mendocino County, California. Along the beachside cliffs there, I spotted plenty of lovely turbidites: graywacke and shale and a little bit of conglomerate that had been [...] | Impressum