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Geoblogosphere weekly review (15th week of 2014, 388 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. News (37 posts)
  2. Utah Geological Survey - blog (12 posts)
  3. State of the Planet (11 posts)
  4. Wooster Geologists (10 posts)
  5. JOIDES Resolution blogs (8 posts)
  6. Ontario-geofish (7 posts)
  7. Netzwerk für geowissenschaftliche Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (7 posts)
  8. - Bilder (7 posts)
  9. About Geology (6 posts)
  10. I think mining (6 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. Wooster Geologists (1361 visits)
  2. News (1093 visits)
  3. G-Soil (538 visits)
  4. Utah Geological Survey - blog (436 visits)
  5. State of the Planet (420 visits)
  6. I think mining (417 visits)
  7. Northwest Geology Field Trips (411 visits)
  8. Speaking of Geoscience (358 visits)
  9. JOIDES Resolution blogs (304 visits)
  10. Through the Sandglass (224 visits)


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  1. climate (11)
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Top places:
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  4. Utah (5)
  5. Texas (5)
  6. Oklahoma (4)
  7. Israel (4)
  8. Washington (3)
  9. India (3)
  10. New Mexico (3)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Cretaceous (10)
  2. Jurassic (5)
  3. Devonian (5)
  4. Paleogene (4)
  5. Neogene (4)
  6. Ordovician (3)
  7. Triassic (3)
  8. Permian (2)
  9. Silurian (2)
  10. Carboniferous (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

A mission in the Cretaceous of southern Israel

Wooster Geologists [2014-04-09 19:50:51]   recommend this post  (591 visits)
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–Today Yoav and I set out to solve a mapping dilemma concerning the boundaries of the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) En Yorqe’am Formation in the Negev and, eventually, the Judean Desert to the north. It involved a [...]

Monday paper: Soil carbon stocks and their variability across the forests, shrublands and grasslands of peninsular Spain

G-Soil [2014-04-07 10:00:04]   recommend this post  (506 visits)
Doblas-Miranda, E., Rovira, P., Brotons, L., Martínez-Vilalta, J., Retana, J., Pla, M., and Vayreda, J. 2013. Soil carbon stocks and their variability across the forests, shrublands and grasslands of peninsular Spain. Biogeosciences, 10, [...]

Geology of the Rock Trail, Larrabee State Park

Northwest Geology Field Trips [2014-04-12 03:36:31]   recommend this post  (379 visits)
I have posted a geology guide to Larrabee State Park’s new Rock Trail. Read the full guide here on the Northwest Geology Field Trips website. The out-and-back hike is just short of 2 miles, and the cliff exposures are perhaps the best in the [...]

07 April: Posting From Perth – 2014 GSA Distinguished International Lecture Tour

Speaking of Geoscience [2014-04-07 18:16:33]   recommend this post  (358 visits)
4/7/14 What a whirlwind of nearly 2 months with talks in India (6), New Zealand (6) and Australia (15)!  Two lectures in Perth for the Geological Society of Australia Western Australia division and CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial [...]

Wooster’s Fossil of the Week: A brontothere jaw fragment (Miocene of South Dakota)

Wooster Geologists [2014-04-06 07:59:46]   recommend this post  (243 visits)
This fossil has been sitting in a glass case outside my office door for nearly three decades. Only this year — in the desire to find more Fossils of the Week — did I bother to open the cabinet and take it out for a looksie. On the [...]

So this is where capers come from

Wooster Geologists [2014-04-11 09:44:14]   recommend this post  (242 visits)
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–Early Wednesday morning Yoav had a special mission to perform before we began our fieldwork. He had been asked by a botanist to get a sample of a new species of plant endemic to Makhtesh Ramon. The botanist needed it for a [...]

Sand is not just sand: the demands of fracking

Through the Sandglass [2014-04-09 18:12:22]   recommend this post  (224 visits)
In the lively discussion period following the US premier screening of Sand Wars in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago, and following the showing at the Zurich environmental film festival, there was one outstanding theme – surprise. Which

Mine Closure in the Cold of Canada: Perpetual Surveillance and Maintenance Versus Climate Change

I think mining [2014-04-10 06:20:46]   recommend this post  (190 visits)
Constructing covers over mining wastes at sites in cold climates involves consideration of these factors that are unique to cold climates: Short construction periods, unless you are prepared to work in frozen conditions in winter A shortage of [...]

What is the Daily Air Quality Index?

Polluting the Internet [2014-04-10 10:38:28]   recommend this post  (187 visits)
The recent air pollution episode in the UK brought a previously obscure air quality metric into the public consciousness, with the Daily Air Quality Index (DAQI) appearing in weather forecasts and the media. The index describes the severity of [...]

Henry Krumb Lecturer, SME-DC, Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DC Geology Events [2014-04-08 20:01:55]   recommend this post  (178 visits)
Hi Steve, Great to meet you and the rest of the crew at SME-DC today. Thanks for the opportunity to present! As discussed, my presentation is attached, please feel free to pass it on… Best wishes, Julian Anderson President Rider … Continue [...] | Impressum