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The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Primary structures in the Lake Vermillion Formation

Mountain Beltway [2013-04-10 13:49:01]   recommend this post  (543 visits)
Callan showcases some extraordinary depositional structures (graded bedding and flame structures) seen in Archean turbidites in the Superior province of northern

Geology Photo of the Week #29

GeoSphere [2013-04-08 15:54:55]   recommend this post  (521 visits)
The photo this week is of another self collected beauty. I collected this piece below at the Marmoraton Iron Mine in Marmora, Ontario a few years ago. When I found it none of the garnet crystals you see were visible. They were all covered by a thick [...]

Euglyphella ostracod from the Silica Shale

Views of the Mahantango [2013-04-07 09:01:00]   recommend this post  (327 visits)
There are five different species of Euglyphella ostracod found in the Silica Shale. Below is one I found in my sample from Sylvania, Ohio.I referred to "Ostracods of the Middle Devonian Silica Formation" to see if I could figure out which one the [...]

Swimming in the sand

Through the Sandglass [2013-04-13 12:39:50]   recommend this post  (327 visits)
If you look at the two photos above, you will notice that the sand has moved – there is something down there……. I have long been fascinated by the sandfish – the sand swimmer, the sand skink, or Scincus

Bingham Canyon Mine Slope Failure

I think mining [2013-04-13 00:27:12]   recommend this post  (324 visits)
A massive slope failure has occurred at the open pit of the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah.  Here is a link to a magnificent collection of photographs of the failure, which appears to have taken out part of a building, access roads, and filled the [...]

Around the web — 4/7/2013 — Archean jellyfish? Homeschool uncritical thinking? An atheist’s journey!

The GeoChristian [2013-04-08 01:17:35]   recommend this post  (323 visits)
Jellied jellyfish — The cover of the April 2013 Journal of Creation has a picture of a jellyfish, with a caption that states “Fossil Jellyfish from Western Australia: Challenging Geological Chronology.” The article is “Fossil [...]

Curiosity continues to rock on Mars

Geological Society of London blog [2013-04-08 15:54:09]   recommend this post  (323 visits)
This was originally posted at: NASA might be having a rain-check on its outreach activities, but that’s not why Curiosity has gone silent the last few days. Every once in a while an event known as the [...]

The unusually large Bingham Canyon Mine landslide – an impressive example of prediction using monitoring

The Landslide Blog [2013-04-12 07:28:26]   recommend this post  (296 visits)
Initial information, and some fantastic images, are now available of the Bingham Canyon copper mine landslide. This is one of the largest mining-induced landslides of all

Up Goer Five: writing excercises

GeoMika [2013-04-08 19:05:38]   recommend this post  (295 visits)
The Up-Goer Five meme of explaining science in less than 1,000 words received some belated criticism of being a poor exercise in science communication. Yes, just like not every article should be a one-draft 5-minute stream-of-consciousness [...]

Future trends in natural hazard losses – the Powerpoint file from my Geographical Association 2013 conference talk

The Landslide Blog [2013-04-07 08:36:18]   recommend this post  (282 visits)
A talk from the Geographical Association annual conference on future losses from natural hazards, focusing on storms, floods, earthquakes and | Impressum