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Geoblogosphere weekly review (49th week of 2016, 293 weeks ago)


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  1. Gunnars Geo-Blog (11 posts)
  2. Ontario-geofish (8 posts)
  3. Riparian Rap (8 posts)
  4. dot Earth (8 posts)
  5. State of the Planet (7 posts)
  6. Mineraland Chile (5 posts)
  7. Mountain Beltway (5 posts)
  8. Koprolitos (5 posts)
  9. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (4 posts)
  10. The Geology P.A.G.E. (4 posts)
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  1. Paleoseismicity (707 visits)
  2. State of the Planet (466 visits)
  3. Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal (418 visits)
  4. Digital Geography (398 visits)
  5. Arizona Geology (385 visits)
  6. Geological Society of London blog (364 visits)
  7. Louisville Area Fossils (357 visits)
  8. Koprolitos (348 visits)
  9. The Landslide Blog (325 visits)
  10. Gunnars Geo-Blog (290 visits)


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  7. climate change (3)
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  9. Anthropocene (2)
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      Earth Observation Science, Public Policymaking, and the Trump Administration

      State of the Planet [2016-11-28 15:12:16]   recommend this post  (369 visits)
      We do not know enough about our planet and the impact of human technology on its basic systems. It is beyond idiotic to think we can grow our population and consumption this much, this quickly, and have no impact. But it is also foolish to overstate [...]

      Some ways to produce topographic swath profiles

      Digital Geography [2016-11-30 01:36:48]   recommend this post  (365 visits)
      For a geomorphological study that I am working on I want to produce topographic swath profiles across a mountain range, that is, I want the average elevation along a profile plus the min and max values within a certain distance of said profile. I [...]

      New papers on paleoseismology, tsunami, and active tectonics (Dec 2016)

      Paleoseismicity [2016-12-01 11:55:21]   recommend this post  (355 visits)
      A continuous flow of images from the New Zealand earthquake reaches the earthquake geology community, and we’re probably all amazed by the coseismic offsets and other earthquake effects. However, the flow of papers on paleoseismology, [...]

      Special Session at SSA2017 in Denver on Toppled and Rotated Objects

      Paleoseismicity [2016-11-27 00:22:43]   recommend this post  (352 visits)
      A special session on Toppled and Rotated Objects in Recent, Historic, and Prehistoric Earthquakes will be held during the upcoming 2017 Annual Meeting of the Seismological Society of America in Denver, Colorado from 18-20 April 2017.  Session [...]

      History of the Morenci Mining District, Greenlee County, Arizona

      Arizona Geology [2016-11-29 21:10:00]   recommend this post  (337 visits)
      Smelter of the Detroit Copper Mining Co., ca. 1896. The definitive mining history of Arizona's iconic Morenci mining district by geologist David Briggs is now available online at  This 76-p [...]

      Terrific Scientific!

      Geological Society of London blog [2016-11-30 18:19:29]   recommend this post  (327 visits)
      Earlier this month, the Education Team at the Geological Society attended the launch of Terrific Scientific - a new science initiative from BBC Learning in partnership with the Wellcome Trust. As a partner organisation, the Geological Society has [...]

      Los mundos prehistóricos de Don Glut

      Koprolitos [2016-11-28 10:58:00]   recommend this post  (325 visits)
      Los dinosaurios son un tema que ha interesado seriamente a Donald F.Glut (1944) desde los seis o siete añitos. Ha trabajado en exposiciones y dado conferencias sobre los dinosaurios en museos, universidades y otras instituciones de Estados [...]

      Lepidodendron aculeatum Plant Fossil

      Louisville Area Fossils [2016-11-29 02:30:00]   recommend this post  (323 visits)
      This plant fossil is called Lepidodendron aculeatum Sternberg. It was found in South Wales United Kingdom. The fossil dates to the upper Carboniferous Period. It was on display at the British Natural History Museum in London on August

      Beyond Help

      Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [2016-11-27 00:27:26]   recommend this post  (308 visits)
      Scientific method requires verified data, and this is part of its genius to discern truth, but I suspect those trained in science, easily forget that this understanding is far less common among the rest of the population. Our educational system [...]

      A revised landslide map for the M=7.8 Kaikoura earthquake

      The Landslide Blog [2016-11-28 08:38:38]   recommend this post  (306 visits)
      Valkaniotis Sotiris of the University of Thessaloniki has posted a revised map of landslides triggered by the M=7.8 Kaikoura earthquake in New | Impressum