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      AZGS funding and MMNRE Museum bills passed by the Arizona Senate Appropriation Committee

      Arizona Geology [2017-02-15 21:28:00]   recommend this post  (625 visits)
      <!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]--> <!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE [...]

      Photo of the Week

      GeoSphere [2017-02-15 13:41:17]   recommend this post  (397 visits)
      Keepin’ then comin’! This weeks photo is brought to you by Immageo as per usual. It can be found: here The image was taken by Dmitry Tonkacheev, IGEM RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for [...]

      La diga di Oroville: la diga non corre nessun rischio di cedimento: il problema è nell'invaso

      scienzeedintorni [2017-02-14 12:32:00]   recommend this post  (352 visits)
      Nota iniziale: questo post è pubblicato alle 12.30. Chiaramente la situazione è fluida (in tutti i sensi) e quindi può cambiare velocemente... Vorrei brevemente fare un po' di ordine sulla questione della diga di Oroville, la più alta degli [...]

      From coastal earthquake geology and semi-automated feature detection

      Paleoseismicity [2017-02-15 12:49:55]   recommend this post  (350 visits)
      In microtidal seas such as the Mediterranean (tidal range ≈0.4 m sea-level indicators are commonly used to infer coseismic history. A list containing these indicators is long, including wave-cut platforms, marine terraces, displaced beach rock, [...]

      The great 1117 Veronese earthquake – conference summary and slides

      Paleoseismicity [2017-02-12 13:02:27]   recommend this post  (347 visits)
      The “Great 1117 Veronese Earthquake” was one of the strongest events that hit Northern Italy in historical times. Many aspects of this earthquake are still debated, but archaeological sources, historical archives, and geological records can help [...]


      ARCHEA [2017-02-12 22:10:00]   recommend this post  (332 visits)
      Cadoceras tonniense, Mysterious Creek Formation

      Upcoming talk for Cleveland Metroparks Watershed Volunteer Program

      Watershed Hydrogeology Blog [2017-02-12 20:48:44]   recommend this post  (308 visits)
      On March 15th, I’ll be at the Cleveland Metroparks Watershed Stewardship Center in Parma to talk with a very special group of people: the people in the Watershed Volunteer Program. The volunteers in this program take part in the active management [...]

      Liveblogging the Deluge: Meanwhile, Back at the Local Dam...Don Pedro Reservoir Today

      Geotripper [2017-02-12 02:31:00]   recommend this post  (300 visits)
      With all the attention being directed at Oroville Dam today with the broken spillway, it's a bit too easy to forget that similar conditions are being experienced all across Northern California. Several reservoirs are approaching full capacity, [...]

      Liveblogging the Deluge: A Tuolumne River Update, and Scenes on the San Joaquin

      Geotripper [2017-02-14 09:58:00]   recommend this post  (293 visits)
      The travails at Oroville Dam are appropriately dominating the news this week as nearly two hundred thousand people remain isolated from their homes as the operators work to temporarily shore up the failing spillways at the lake. It should not be [...]

      Liveblogging the Deluge: San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge - What a difference a few months made (and Rabbits)

      Geotripper [2017-02-16 04:03:00]   recommend this post  (287 visits)
      The San Joaquin River at the National Wildlife Refuge in November 2017 Just a few months ago, the San Joaquin River, and its major tributary the Tuolumne River, were in big trouble. The worst drought in California's recorded history had left the [...] | Impressum