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      New papers on paleoseismology, tsunami, and active tectonics (Nov 2017)

      Paleoseismicity [2017-11-02 11:54:09]   recommend this post  (248 visits)
      Time is running and the publishing machine doesn’t stop. Another month has passed, and here we are with a whole bunch of new and existing papers on paleoseismology, active tectonics, tsunami, and archaeosesimology. Lot’s of stuff from the Tien [...]

      Jehol Chrome - Compsognathid grade version

      Theropoda [2017-10-30 08:44:00]   recommend this post  (240 visits)
      Recenti sviluppi nell'analisi dei pigmenti fossilizzati hanno prodotto una piccola (ma significativa) rivoluzione nella nostra visione dei dinosauri. Sebbene limitati a pochi taxa, e a pochi tipi di pigmento, ora abbiamo modo di determinare, anche [...]

      TSK meeting 19-25 March, 2018, in Jena, Germany: Tectonics, Structural Geology, Crystalline Geology [2017-11-04 15:29:01]   recommend this post  (228 visits)
      The next TSK meeting (Tektonik – Strukturgeologie – Kristallingeologie) will be held in Jena, Germany, from 19-25 March, 2018. We have put together a great programme, including 2 days of workshops (photogrammetry, paleoseismology, balanced [...]

      Luci e Ombre su Ornithoscelida... e sulle sue alternative

      Theropoda [2017-11-02 12:23:00]   recommend this post  (204 visits)
      Come facilmente intuibile, la pubblicazione di Baron et al. (2017a) sulla rivoluzione in seno alla base di Dinosauria ha generato una serie di ricerche volte a controllare e testare questa ipotesi. Ci sono vari modi per testare un'ipotesi [...]

      Time Intensive

      Friends of the Pleistocene [2017-10-30 18:13:09]   recommend this post  (171 visits)
      bask in the light and open medium of time. -from The Mastheads, 10.13.002107 Welcome to The Mastheads. Your writer’s residency, housed on the grounds of MASS MoCA, in North Adams, Massachusetts. There are no requirements for your residency and [...]

      Composting: What, Why, Where And How?

      BEYONDbones [2017-11-03 15:26:32]   recommend this post  (166 visits)
        Intro:                 Decomposition can have a bad reputation. We usually think of something smelly and rotting away, but decomposition is essential for the soil. It breaks down old plant matter to return nutrients to plant, [...]

      This Mesozoic Month: October 2017

      Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs [2017-10-31 12:30:00]   recommend this post  (162 visits)
      In the News Drepanosaurs are having quite a moment. And now, we've got a new member of the club: Avicranium. Described by Adam Pritchard and Sterling Nesbitt, its noggin does look awfully bird-like (as you may have guessed from that generic name). [...]

      Identifying Vampires: A Grave Matter

      BEYONDbones [2017-10-31 22:39:43]   recommend this post  (142 visits)
        Warning: Hyperlinks may lead to images that are offensive to some people. May not be safe for work. Vampires have been known by many names throughout history. Whether feeding on blood, the biological life-force, or physic energy, the [...]

      La geologia del poligono nucleare coreano di Punggye-ri e il possibile blocco forzato degli esperimenti per problemi al sito

      scienzeedintorni [2017-11-02 11:25:00]   recommend this post  (128 visits)
      La notizia di un crollo in un tunnel nel poligono nucleare di Punggye-ri, nella parte nordorientale della Corea del Nord, ha iniziato a diffondersi lunedì sera. L’incidente, sempre secondo notizie frammentarie, sarebbe avvenuto in due tempi: un [...]

      Orinda’s 1204 Hill

      Oakland Geology [2017-10-30 16:02:31]   recommend this post  (118 visits)
      As far as I know this hill has no name, but it’s a highly visible part of Orinda. You pass it on Route 24 between the Wilder exit and downtown, as seen in this Google Maps perspective view. The USGS topo maps give it an elevation of 1204 feet, so [...] | Impressum