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Geoblogosphere weekly review (42th week of 2010, 900 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule (74 posts)
  2. News (47 posts)
  3. Arizona Geology (21 posts)
  4. Ontario-geofish (14 posts)
  5. Geology News (14 posts)
  6. James’ Empty Blog (10 posts)
  7. JOIDES Resolution blogs (10 posts)
  8. Mountain Beltway (9 posts)
  9. Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings (8 posts)
  10. About Geology (8 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. News (1271 visits)
  2. ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule (869 visits)
  3. Outdoor Science (584 visits)
  4. Eruptions (388 visits)
  5. Through the Sandglass (383 visits)
  6. Tierra de Dinosaurios (367 visits)
  7. BEYONDbones (336 visits)
  8. Arizona Geology (209 visits)
  9. Ontario-geofish (182 visits)
  10. Geology News (129 visits)


Top keywords:
  1. pink dinosaur (74)
  2. Pink Dinosaurs (74)
  3. cancer (71)
  4. blog (19)
  5. earth science (18)
  6. science week (17)
  7. geology (17)
  8. Dinosaurs (16)
  9. miners (15)
  10. Environment (13)
Top places:
  1. United States (15)
  2. Portugal (11)
  3. Arizona (10)
  4. Chile (9)
  5. Pittsburgh (8)
  6. China (8)
  7. Colorado (6)
  8. Japan (6)
  9. Hungary (5)
  10. New York (5)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Triassic (13)
  2. Jurassic (8)
  3. Cretaceous (5)
  4. Ordovician (5)
  5. Quaternary (3)
  6. Devonian (3)
  7. Silurian (2)
  8. Paleogene (2)
  9. Cambrian (2)
  10. Neogene (2)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Sunday sand: glass beaches

Through the Sandglass [2010-10-10 11:50:18]   recommend this post  (360 visits)
The phrase “glass sand” would normally make you think of ultra-pure sand resources used in glass-making, such as the sands of Fontainebleau. But I was intrigued by the link that Jules provided in his comment on last Sunday’s sand,

Piton de la Fournaise Eruption Update for 10/15/2010

Eruptions [2010-10-15 15:57:43]   recommend this post  (327 visits)
We now have some more information (Note: pretty much all the information on this eruption is in French) - and more importantly, some great images - of the eruption that is ongoing at Piton de la Fournaise on Reunion Island. The volcano [...]

Beach Bugs!

BEYONDbones [2010-10-12 19:11:54]   recommend this post  (316 visits)
I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Galveston. It was so relaxing, sitting on the beach, listening to the waves and watching the birds. The beach is such a peaceful place and Galveston is very close to my heart because my husband and I got [...]

Descifran la distribución de dinosaurios en Norteamérica

Tierra de Dinosaurios [2010-10-15 21:54:00]   recommend this post  (312 visits)
En la revista "Royal Society B", un equipo internacional de científicos han aportado una visión más completa de la distribución de las diferentes especies de dinosaurios en Norteamérica. Para ello estudiaron más de 300 fósiles del [...]

Toxic Sludge May Flow Again in Hungary News [2010-10-10 00:53:31]   recommend this post  (297 visits)
The village of Kolontar in Hungary has been completely evacuated amidst fears that the reservoir responsible for a massive toxic sludge spill on October 4th could completely collapse, releasing another half-million cubic meters of hazardous

Pink Dinosaur #62

ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule [2010-10-13 02:32:00]   recommend this post  (287 visits)
Pink Dinosaur Rock! by FadriLearn more about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser

Become a ship’s captain and a climate scientist in your lunch hour

Outdoor Science [2010-10-13 13:35:41]   recommend this post  (282 visits)
Do you like history and climate science? Would you like to delve into ship’s logbooks handwritten around WWI while improving climate models? Well, you can with Old Weather. To get involved, read the logbooks of any of 238 ships on the Old [...]

Your help needed: Practical tips for better science blogging

Outdoor Science [2010-10-14 09:34:12]   recommend this post  (268 visits)
I always feel there’s a wealth of discussion about why to blog, who bloggers should be blogging for or how blogging differs from journalism. But there’s never enough practical tips for newish science bloggers about the nuts and bolts of [...]

Chilean Capsule Tested, Rescue Planned for Wed, Oct 13th News [2010-10-13 03:56:04]   recommend this post  (263 visits)
The rescue capsule that will be used to extract the 33 Chilean miners was tested successfully in the newly-cased drill hole. Officials are now planning to begin the extraction phase of the rescue at midnight (11pm ET) on morning of Wednesday, [...]

Did Dinosaurs Outcompete or Slip into Niches? News [2010-10-10 07:31:11]   recommend this post  (253 visits)
“A new species of dinosaur discovered in Arizona suggests dinosaurs did not spread throughout the world by overpowering other species, but by taking advantage of a natural catastrophe that wiped out their competitors.” Quoted from the [...] | Impressum