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Geoblogosphere weekly review (2th week of 2014, 540 weeks ago)


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  6. Gunnars Geo-Blog (6 posts)
  7. Geology in the West Country (6 posts)
  8. WeBlog Aragosaurus (5 posts)
  9. Netzwerk für geowissenschaftliche Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (5 posts)
  10. State of the Planet (5 posts)
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Top stratigraphy:
  1. Jurassic (6)
  2. Cretaceous (4)
  3. Devonian (4)
  4. Ordovician (3)
  5. Quaternary (3)
  6. Triassic (2)
  7. Paleogene (1)
  8. Carboniferous (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Dataforensics Releases pLog Tablet for Geotechnical and Environmental Field Data Collection [2014-01-07 14:31:56]   recommend this post  (956 visits)
DATAFORENSICS IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE NEXT EVOLUTION IN GEOTECHNICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL FIELD DATA COLLECTION – pLog Tablet. Norcross, Georgia, January 2014 – Dataforensics, developer of geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management [...]

Antarctic Forum: Can We Navigate Towards ‘Eco-Civilization’ Through Custom Versions of Eco-Tourism?

State of the Planet [2014-01-06 03:49:21]   recommend this post  (731 visits)
 Did the Forum get it right? A month has passed since the Antarctic Forum completed its voyage to the Southern hemisphere; sufficient time to allow for honest reflection away from the ‘halo effect’ of the voyage. Does blending an [...]

8 Inch Well Casing Stops Bertha TBM [2014-01-08 06:00:00]   recommend this post  (563 visits)
WSDOT held a press conference on Friday to discuss findings regarding the obstruction that had stalled the Bertha Tunnel Boring Machine since December 6. It is an 8 inch well casing, 119 feet deep from a 2002 groundwater investigation associated [...]

Wooster’s Fossil of the Week: A crinoid-rich Lower Carboniferous siderite concretion (part I)

Wooster Geologists [2014-01-05 06:33:03]   recommend this post  (344 visits)
Last year Wooster emeritus geology professor Sam Root generously donated the above pictured siderite concretion to our paleontology collections. He had received it from a friend who didn’t know where it came from originally so we have no [...]

Siats meekerorum (YouTube video of newly discovered dinosaur in Utah!)

Utah Geological Survey - blog [2014-01-09 01:36:17]   recommend this post  (333 visits)
Peter Makovicky introduces us to Siats meekerorum, a new species of dinosaur discovered and described by him and Lindsay Zanno! Watch the YouTube video HERE For more information, read their paper HERE and THIS RELEASE from The Field

The Heat's Still On! - Offshore Operators Must Disclose Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Chemicals

Mineral Law Blog [2014-01-11 01:36:43]   recommend this post  (301 visits)
The Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) announced that starting on March 1, 2014, oil and gas operators performing offshore hydraulic fracturing operations must maintain an inventory of chemicals used to formulate frac fluid, [...]

Remote sensing of volcanoes and volcanic processes

volcanicdegassing [2014-01-08 12:27:15]   recommend this post  (298 visits)
A major goal of volcanological science is understand the processes that underlie volcanic activity, and to use this understanding to help to reduce volcanic risk. Advances in instruments and techniques mean that scientists can now measure many [...]

Ice in the ‘hood

Mountain Beltway [2014-01-07 16:26:05]   recommend this post  (278 visits)
Some ice seen this morning, the coldest we’ve yet experienced at our home in the Fort Valley… 4° F when we got up this morning, with windchill around -15° F. Frost nucleated on a “petal” from a tulip tree (Liriodendron [...]

Navajo Sandstone In Video

WATCH FOR ROCKS - Travels of a Sharp-Eyed Geologist [2014-01-08 10:00:09]   recommend this post  (274 visits)
In my previous post of Monday, January 6th I wrote about searching out the Liesegangen banding in the Navajo Sandstone of southern Utah. Walking around near Yant Flat outside St. George we found it easy to become mesmerized by the rocks as the [...]

Lightning: The Forgotten Shaper Of Mountains

Climate and Geohazards [2014-01-08 10:52:02]   recommend this post  (272 visits)
A new study published this month in the journal of Geomorphology claims that lightning may play a greater role in the shaping and erosion of mountains than previously thought. Here’s how: Article: [...] | Impressum