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  3. State of the Planet (592 visits)
  4. polar soils blog (381 visits)
  5. James’ Empty Blog (299 visits)
  6. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (230 visits)
  7. The Landslide Blog (171 visits)
  8. Oakland Geology (164 visits)
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      Dear Dog

      Ontario-geofish [2019-06-12 01:23:00]   recommend this post  (275 visits)
      Dear Dog,  as you are aware there is a baby groundhog living in our garden.  It has eaten all the kale, peas, and lettuce.  You are a dog.  As part of your employment agreement, you are required to act as a dog and kill this thing.  I realize [...]


      James’ Empty Blog [2019-06-14 11:31:00]   recommend this post  (268 visits)
      jules has taken up triathloning. I'm a rubbish swimmer so am not really tempted. The cycling and running bit would be ok but there's not much fun in doing a race where I start by half-drowning myself and giving everyone else a 20 minute head start. [...]


      ARCHEA [2019-06-11 03:43:00]   recommend this post  (255 visits)

      Station tour

      polar soils blog [2019-06-15 16:47:00]   recommend this post  (242 visits)
      Want to see where we've been living and working for the past week? Here's a short video tour of the main station building where we have our classes, eat our meals, sleep, and work in the lab:

      Cottage news

      Ontario-geofish [2019-06-12 22:49:00]   recommend this post  (225 visits)
      We have a full contingent of dragonflies now.  You can actually walk outside without a bug net.  The Mosies are still hiding in the dark corners though.  Takes a while for the eaters to enter the shadows. Bell keeps changing the frequency for [...]


      ARCHEA [2019-06-10 10:23:00]   recommend this post  (211 visits)
      This lovely fossil is Daihua sanqiong, an unusual animal that shares characteristics with our modern comb jelly.The specimen was found in mudstones south of Kunming in the Yunnan Province of southern China by co-author of the study, Professor Hou [...]

      The Lincoln Square landslide of 1958

      Oakland Geology [2019-06-10 17:10:48]   recommend this post  (164 visits)
      The Lincoln Square shopping center, which I featured in my previous post, has nothing to do with President Lincoln, just as Lincoln Avenue has nothing to do with Honest Abe (it was named for Lincoln Rhoda, son of landowner Frederick Rhoda). It [...]

      New Podcast: U.S. Natural Gas in a Changing Climate

      State of the Planet [2019-06-10 20:01:19]   recommend this post  (128 visits)
      In this episode of Columbia Energy Exchange from Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, host Bill Loveless is joined by Karen Harbert, the president and CEO of the American Gas

      Welcome to Kilpisjärvi

      polar soils blog [2019-06-09 21:04:00]   recommend this post  (125 visits)
      Yesterday, we traveled from Helsinki up to Kilpisjärvi to the research station where we'll be living and working for the rest of the trip. First, we fly from Helsinki to a very small airport in the town of Kittilä. Helsinki to Kittilä by plane. [...]

      Global temps down, northern mid collapses

      Ontario-geofish [2019-06-10 01:28:00]   recommend this post  (120 visits)
      This is just proven and well-established data.  Nothing that the Inquisition can rant about.  Global temps have gotten over the little El Nino and going down. Neato.  What's really weird is that Northern mids are going down when we are [...] | Impressum