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Geoblogosphere weekly review (20th week of 2018, 19 weeks ago)


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  1. State of the Planet (10 posts)
  2. Ontario-geofish (7 posts)
  3. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (7 posts)
  4. Geology in the West Country (6 posts)
  5. Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) (5 posts)
  6. Investigación GeoPaleoBiológica en Somosaguas (4 posts)
  7. Wooster Geologists (4 posts)
  8. Koprolitos (4 posts)
  9. Geotripper (3 posts)
  10. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (3 posts)
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  1. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (288 visits)
  2. Ontario-geofish (242 visits)
  3. State of the Planet (203 visits)
  4. Geology in the West Country (176 visits)
  5. Koprolitos (167 visits)
  6. Speaking of Geoscience (143 visits)
  7. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (131 visits)
  8. GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union (117 visits)
  9. Highly Allochthonous (109 visits)
  10. Investigación GeoPaleoBiológica en Somosaguas (105 visits)


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      Plate Tectonics and Ocean Drilling – Fifty Years On

      GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union [2018-05-16 07:00:39]   recommend this post  (110 visits)
      What does it take to get a scientific theory accepted? Hard facts? A strong personality? Grit and determination? For many Earth Scientists today it can be hard to imagine the academic landscape before the advent of plate tectonics. But it was only [...]

      Earthquake prediction is a fool’s errand

      Highly Allochthonous [2018-05-13 22:31:10]   recommend this post  (109 visits)
      If you want to make earthquake scientists jumpy, all you need to do is ask, "can you predict the next earthquake?" In fact, any variation on the theme of ‘earthquake’ and ‘prediction’ will do – unless it is one which … Continue reading [...]

      Why Field Workshops? Learning to Read the Landscape

      Speaking of Geoscience [2018-05-14 20:50:18]   recommend this post  (98 visits)
      by Dean Moosavi, Education Programs Coordinator at the Geological Society of America For the third installment of this GeoTeachers blog series, I thought I would take a step back from discussion

      Bird neural canals are weird, part 2: the lumbosacral expansion

      Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [2018-05-16 07:07:19]   recommend this post  (97 visits)
      This is the second post in the “bird neural canals are weird” series (intro post here), and it covers the first of five expansions of the spinal cord or meninges in the lumbosacral regions of birds. The lumbosacral expansion of the spinal cord [...]

      Natural gas prices venture into earthquake territory

      Ontario-geofish [2018-05-15 14:01:00]   recommend this post  (89 visits)
      It's still rising because of our ice age, and has barely hit earthquake levels.  We got a strike-slip series on the main Oklahoma mechanism.  I'm guessing if natgas plunges again, the earthquakes will stop.  But I think it will go up because we [...]

      The Battle Over the Alaska Oil and Gas Production Tax Credit

      Mineral Law Blog [2018-05-16 00:28:03]   recommend this post  (89 visits)
      Alaska’s oil and gas production tax has been subject to continuing debate and change as lawmakers and policymakers struggle with balancing budgets in times of volatile oil prices while also encouraging the investment necessary to monetize the [...]

      The Mailbox on the Sill—the short & the long of it

      In the Company of Plants and Rocks [2018-05-14 16:36:00]   recommend this post  (89 visits)
      The Palisades in Cimarron Canyon, northern New Mexico. Browsing through my photos of the Cimarron Canyon Palisades, I spotted an odd form on the crest which I hadn’t noticed when I was there. Is that really rock? Zooming in showed nothing [...]

      Last few days in Peru and an adventure getting home.

      Volcano Blog by Tom Pering [2018-05-13 18:05:24]   recommend this post  (86 visits)
      The top half of the Colca Canyon It has been a mad period of time after getting back from Peru, hence the reason it has taken so long to write this last post! It was a great last few days at the workshop, spending the last couple days listening to [...]

      Mr. Trumpy cuts off nasa co2 direct measurements

      Ontario-geofish [2018-05-15 15:43:00]   recommend this post  (84 visits)
      Reference I blame the whole carbon hypothesis, and ozone chlorine hypothesis on nasa.  They were fully capable of verifying these things with simple experiments, and they chose not to do it.  In fact, somebody went after the chlorine thing, and [...]

      Kilauea: eine ruhige Nacht auf Hawaii

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2018-05-15 10:04:06]   recommend this post  (81 visits)
      Gestern Morgen wurde die Aktivität am Kilauea auf Hawaii durch Lava spritzen (lava spattering) und einem Lavastrom aus Spalte 17 dominiert. Die Lava spritze bis zu 30 m hoch aus einem Schlot auf der Spalte. Bis zum Morgen erreichte der Lavastrom [...] | Impressum