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      Circular economy of metals and responsible mining

      Geology for Global Development [2018-04-24 13:30:05]   recommend this post  (246 visits)
      In today's post, Bárbara Zambelli, considers how we can transition business models towards a more sustainable way of living, manufacturing and consuming. As I mentioned before in my post about Urban Geology and Underground Urbanisation, according [...]

      Six Books to Understand Genesis — Old-Earth Edition

      The GeoChristian [2018-04-24 06:36:25]   recommend this post  (219 visits)
      The web site of the young-Earth creationist documentary Is Genesis History has listed “Six Books to Understand Genesis,” all written from a young-Earth perspective. As a counterweight, here are six old-Earth books written by highly-qualified, [...]

      Back in time "Alligators spotted in London" @ELI_Earth - July 1

      Earth Learning Idea [2018-04-23 12:48:00]   recommend this post  (216 visits)
      The new ELI today is 'Back in time “Alligators spotted in London” @ELI_Earth - July 1' Pupils obtain information and use it to interpret past environments. The activity could be used in science, geography or environmental studies lessons. [...]

      HMNS Weekly Happenings

      BEYONDbones [2018-04-23 22:18:13]   recommend this post  (210 visits)
      Lecture – Medieval Arms Race     Throughout the Middle Ages competition between offensive and defensive arms resulted in a constant stream of innovation and evolution that resulted in the magnificent suits of armor and gracefully proportioned [...]

      Earth Day 2018 — My guest editorial

      The GeoChristian [2018-04-22 17:33:23]   recommend this post  (194 visits)
      There is a perception among conservative Reformation and Evangelical Christians that placing a high priority on Earth care is for theological and political liberals, new age pantheists, and “tree huggers,” and has little to do with Christian [...]

      Earth Institute Celebrates Earth Day 2018 in Herald Square

      State of the Planet [2018-04-23 22:59:27]   recommend this post  (194 visits)
      As part of NYC’s Car-Free Earth Day, we took to the streets to spread the word about climate

      An astonishing rise in the number of humans

      Mountain Beltway [2018-04-24 15:07:36]   recommend this post  (190 visits)
      One interesting thing about reading T. rex and the Crater of Doom, by Walter Alvarez in 2018 is the change in world population since it was first published in 1997. In explaining to his readers how to think about measurements in “parts per [...]

      Large landslide in the epicentral area of the 1889 Chilik M8 Earthquake, Kazakhstan

      Paleoseismicity [2018-04-22 00:38:13]   recommend this post  (181 visits)
      A large landslide occurred in SE Kazakhstan near the town of Saty (Саты), reports. The slide is about 900 m wide, 1700 m long, and has an estimated volume of ~50,000,000 m³.   Apparently nobody was harmed, but the now slow-moving [...]

      Monday Geology Picture: Fish River Canyon, Namibia

      Georneys [2018-04-23 21:20:13]   recommend this post  (167 visits)
      This week I’m sharing a picture from Fish River Canyon in Namibia. This remote and beautiful canyon has some stunning geology – I’ll blog more about it when I have a chance. Back in 2016 I hiked the canyon over 5 days with a group of good [...]

      Putting up a greenhouse for the coming ice age

      Ontario-geofish [2018-04-22 01:21:00]   recommend this post  (165 visits)
      So, we can never grow tomatoes in Canada unless we have a greenhouse.  I'm using an old Quebec garage from Costco, and putting 6 mil plastic from ammie on top. Then it is raised on the main poles and I hope it can withstand the winds.  The [...] | Impressum