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Geoblogosphere weekly review (1th week of 2015, 441 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. Arizona Geology (5 posts)
  2. Ontario-geofish (5 posts)
  3. Geotripper (3 posts)
  4. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog (3 posts)
  5. The GeoChristian (2 posts)
  6. News (2 posts)
  7. Dinosaur Home - Blogs (2 posts)
  8. WeBlog Aragosaurus (2 posts)
  9. polar soils blog (2 posts)
  10. Mountain Beltway (2 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. Geotripper (983 visits)
  2. Arizona Geology (727 visits)
  3. Ontario-geofish (473 visits)
  4. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog (404 visits)
  5. The GeoChristian (385 visits)
  6. Earthly Musings (379 visits)
  7. Active Tectonics Blog (299 visits)
  8. Laelaps (279 visits)
  9. Paleoseismicity (266 visits)
  10. polar soils blog (233 visits)


Top keywords:
  1. things (3)
  2. life (3)
  3. transfer (2)
  4. region (2)
  5. place (2)
  6. Christianity (2)
  7. Interesting (2)
  8. Allgemein (2)
  9. midnight (2)
  10. food (2)
Top places:
  1. Arizona (4)
  2. United States (3)
  3. California (3)
  4. Utah (2)
  5. Colorado (2)
  6. Antarctic (2)
  7. Grand Canyon National Park (2)
  8. Lake Arrowhead (1)
  9. Cape Verde (1)
  10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Devonian (2)
  2. Carboniferous (1)
  3. Cretaceous (1)
  4. Neogene (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Southern California's Blackhawk Landslide - An Impressive Catastrophic Event and Deposit - A Final 2014 Blog Posting

Earthly Musings [2015-01-01 03:35:00]   recommend this post  (379 visits)
I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2015! Thank you for reading Earthly Musings.My wife and I recently visited relatives for the holidays in southern California and to break up the monotony of eating way too much food and [...]

A New Year. Do Something New. See a New Place.

Geotripper [2015-01-01 08:27:00]   recommend this post  (335 visits)
Peyto Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada I've never been one for resolutions. Changes in my life tend to happen at the various times when the need for change becomes apparent and I try acting on them as a result. That being said, this is [...]

2014: Our Year Without a Freezing Temperature

Geotripper [2015-01-02 10:00:00]   recommend this post  (327 visits)
My flower garden WILL recover... Something strange happened last night, the last day of the year 2014. At seven minutes to midnight, the official temperature at Modesto airport stood at 33ºF. At some point during the next sixty minutes, the [...]

Explore the Wonders of the Colorado Plateau: Join Geotripper and the AAPG on May 23-29, 2015!

Geotripper [2015-01-01 05:38:00]   recommend this post  (321 visits)
Antelope Canyon, on the Navajo Reservation near Page, Arizona The Colorado Plateau, the region encompassing large parts of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado, is one of the great geologic showplaces on planet Earth. Within the region, one can [...]

A white new year's in the Tucson Mountains

Arizona Geology [2015-01-01 16:04:00]   recommend this post  (317 visits)
Snow began falling in the Tucson Mountains after 9 p.m. on New Year's Eve.  We awoke this morning with a light dusting on the slope.   The saguaros have snow on their west-facing sides (below).  With the bright sun and clear skies, it should all [...]

AGU 2014 and EarthScope Town Hall

Active Tectonics Blog [2015-01-02 23:58:00]   recommend this post  (299 visits)
The American Geophysical Union Fall 2014 meeting came and went. It is quite a taxing meeting. But, I saw some old friends and many colleagues. A highlight was running the EarthScope Town Hall. Our agenda was:EarthScope overview, science [...]

The GeoChristian Stats for 2014

The GeoChristian [2015-01-01 19:46:09]   recommend this post  (294 visits)
I only wrote 23 posts in 2014, so my readership was down a bit. That’s OK; I just have a lot of other things going on. Because of this, nine of the ten most-read posts on The GeoChristian were actually ones written in previous years. The top [...]

Transfer to a new faster server

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2015-01-02 03:38:32]   recommend this post  (292 visits)
Please note that a transfer to a new and faster server is going to take place soon. I am working out few details on that transfer before it happens. The transfer is going to take up to 48 … Continue reading

New Frog Species Reproduces Like No Other

Laelaps [2015-01-02 00:08:27]   recommend this post  (279 visits)
There’s not really a good time to bring up amphibian mating habits at the dinner table. I figured

What’s up? The Friday links (65)

Paleoseismicity [2015-01-02 18:42:23]   recommend this post  (266 visits)
New year, new links, same weekday! Despite many geobloggers are still in their season breaks, today is still Friday, so here are your links! The departed holiday season has marked the 10th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. On Boxing Day 2004, [...] | Impressum