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Geoblogosphere weekly review (29th week of 2012, 713 weeks ago)


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  3. Silurian (3)
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  6. Paleogene (1)
  7. Quaternary (1)
  8. Ordovician (1)
  9. Devonian (1)
  10. Cenozoic (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Interview with David Krentz

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings [2012-07-10 00:24:09]   recommend this post  (493 visits)
Today we turn to David Krentz and a real shift from the more traditional palaeoart which has mostly been covered here. Until recently, David was best known for his dinosaur sculptures – hardly a rare medium, but one that’s barely made it [...]

Little fellah bums

Through the Sandglass [2012-07-08 08:47:26]   recommend this post  (369 visits)
The critters who make their lives in the sands of the Australian outback are not by nature publicity-seekers. Shy, discrete, and often nocturnal, they are, with the exception of the occasional cunningly-camouflaged lizard, rarely seen, but their [...]

Angela Milner on Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Tracking [2012-07-09 20:54:44]   recommend this post  (367 visits)
Almost thirty years after the program first aired, DinosaurTheatre has shared part of an original interview with Natural History Museum paleontologist Angela

My very own Darwinopterus

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings [2012-07-13 10:11:02]   recommend this post  (325 visits)
As readers will remember, a couple of weeks back I dropped in on Luis Rey to talk over dinosaurs, pterosaurs, classic rock albums and help him get a blog up and running for his new artwork. Inevitably the conversation at one point turned to thinks [...]

The Abandoned Lands...A Journey Through the Colorado Plateau: And not a single sentient being ever laid eyes on the mountains

Geotripper [2012-07-08 06:24:00]   recommend this post  (309 visits)
What an incredible story can by told by rocks that are not there! Seriously, the Grand Canyon is full of rocks, but some of the most important parts of the geological story emerge when we realize just how much rock is missing. In the picture above, [...]

Palaeoseismological trench of San Carlo - Sant'Agostino (Emilia Romagna, Italy)

Earthquake Geology in Greece [2012-07-10 11:13:01]   1 recommendations  (307 visits)

Unknown Mississippian Shark Fossil

Louisville Area Fossils [2012-07-08 19:50:00]   recommend this post  (306 visits)
Unidentified shark fossil found in the Indian Springs or Haney Formation of Crawford County, Indiana, USA. This creature swam around in the Upper Mississippian seas. It might be a Psammodus or Helodus tooth fragment. Still

Small glacier flood from Mýrdalsjökull glacier (Katla volcano)

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2012-07-13 22:47:19]   recommend this post  (301 visits)
According to Rúv News this evening. A small glacier flood started flowing from Mýrdalsjökull glacier (Katla volcano) few days ago. According to local farmer in the area. Glacier floods like this are common and several have taken place during this [...]

Madrid, Spain Mining Riots for Coal Subsidies

I think mining [2012-07-11 23:18:32]   recommend this post  (297 visits)
While the United States Congress debates HR4402, a bill which would make it easier and cheaper to mine in the United States, Spanish coal miners are protesting cuts by the Spanish government in subsidies to unprofitable coal mines.   These two [...]

Minor earthquake swarm in Katla volcano

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2012-07-08 21:40:51]   recommend this post  (278 visits)
This Sunday is not quiet when it comes to earthquake activity in Iceland. Earlier today a small earthquake swarm started in Katla volcano. The largest earthquake in this swarm had the magnitude 2.3 according to the automatic SIL system. The … [...] | Impressum