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Geoblogosphere weekly review (28th week of 2018, 114 weeks ago)


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  1. State of the Planet (8 posts)
  2. Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) (5 posts)
  3. Ontario-geofish (4 posts)
  4. Koprolitos (4 posts)
  5. The Landslide Blog (4 posts)
  6. Louisville Area Fossils (3 posts)
  7. BEYONDbones (3 posts)
  8. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog (3 posts)
  9. Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal (3 posts)
  10. Reporting on a Revolution (2 posts)
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  1. State of the Planet (479 visits)
  2. Koprolitos (425 visits)
  3. Ontario-geofish (327 visits)
  4. Geospace (316 visits)
  5. Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) (273 visits)
  6. The Landslide Blog (268 visits)
  7. Louisville Area Fossils (256 visits)
  8. Geological Society of London blog (223 visits)
  9. Reporting on a Revolution (204 visits)
  10. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog (179 visits)


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  1. Climate (6)
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  4. Earthquakes (2)
  5. Biogeosciences (1)
  6. Cretácico Superior (1)
  7. Textil (1)
  8. General Earth Institute (1)
  9. General interest (1)
  10. Gender Equality (1)
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      The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

      The 2018 Great Geobakeoff – the results!

      Geological Society of London blog [2018-07-12 18:13:33]   recommend this post  (223 visits)
      Greetings, geobakeoff fans! At long last, it’s time to reveal the results of this year’s competition – the fifth annual Great Geobakeoff… We can’t quite believe how the geobaking phenomenon has continued to grow – our eternal thanks to [...]

      Thailand may be hit by Typhoon Maria

      Ontario-geofish [2018-07-08 22:59:00]   recommend this post  (193 visits)
      Good thing they are moving out now.  Big stuff is moving in. This is the chart of moist air.  It only rains when it hits cold

      Scientists discover “ghost dunes” on Mars

      Geospace [2018-07-10 19:02:05]   recommend this post  (163 visits)
      Scientists have discovered hundreds of crescent-shaped pits on Mars where sand dunes stood billions of years ago. The curves of these ancient dune impressions record the direction of prevailing winds on the Red Planet, providing potential clues to [...]

      Fusilando sin piedad: Jeronaton after Burian

      Koprolitos [2018-07-11 09:54:00]   recommend this post  (154 visits)
      Arriba, detalle de El huevo del mundo, cómic de Jeronaton publicado en el número 6 de la edición española de Metal Hurlant (1982); abajo, recreación de Sauroctonus por Zdeněk Burian publicada en La vida antes del hombre (1978), edición [...]

      Accounting, Finance, and Modeling of Sustainable Investments

      State of the Planet [2018-07-12 17:11:57]   recommend this post  (153 visits)
      In Fall 2018, this course will examine traditional and emerging financial and cost accounting practices, non-financial sustainability performance metrics, and

      Listen: The sound of electromagnetic energy moving between Saturn, Enceladus

      Geospace [2018-07-09 23:14:07]   recommend this post  (153 visits)
      New research from Cassini’s up-close Grand Finale orbits shows a surprisingly powerful and dynamic interaction of plasma waves moving from Saturn to its moon Enceladus and its rings. The post Listen: The sound of electromagnetic energy moving [...]

      Our Democracy Needs Science Now More Than Ever

      State of the Planet [2018-07-13 16:01:22]   recommend this post  (143 visits)
      In a world filled with fake news and “alternative facts,” science is an integral part of an effective democracy that is based on truth and

      Asterias Schulzii (Cotta) - Bilder [2018-07-08 20:08:39]   recommend this post  (141 visits)
      Langenhan, 1891, S. 8, Taf. I, Fig. 19, 20 - Oberquadersandstein, Santon? () - Ort: Bahnstrecke Glatz-Mittelwalde (Kłodzko-Międzylesie),

      Tree Report, Road Report

      In the Company of Plants and Rocks [2018-07-09 22:00:00]   recommend this post  (141 visits)
      Not far from my house, halfway down a dirt road to the Laramie River, a boxelder grows in a nook formed by warehouse walls. This is the tree I'm following this year. I visit it early each month and report on what I find at the monthly virtual [...]

      Images of the disastrous landslides in Japan this week

      The Landslide Blog [2018-07-12 10:05:10]   recommend this post  (135 visits)
      Over the last week exceptional rainfall has triggered thousands of landslides in Japan, with disastrous consequences. Images are starting to emerge showing the scale of the disaster. The post Images of the disastrous landslides in Japan this week [...] | Impressum