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      IASPEI Symposium on paleoseismology & paleotsunami studies, Kobe, Japan, 30 July – 4 August, 2017 [2017-02-02 14:58:12]   recommend this post  (397 visits)
      The Joint Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) and International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior (IASPEI) will be held in Kobe, Japan from 30 July – 4 August, 2017. Among the [...]

      DinoFest 2017 talks are free online!

      Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [2017-02-02 09:01:34]   recommend this post  (386 visits)
      I got an email this morning from Jim Kirkland, announcing: All of the lectures (with permission to be filmed) will be available on the NHMU YouTube channel. I just wrapped the edit of the 6th video which should be available later today. However, 5 [...]

      Fault2SHA 3rd Workshop: Role of scaling laws & fault interaction, 2-4 May, 2017, Barcelonnette (France)

      Paleoseismicity [2017-02-04 14:16:30]   recommend this post  (380 visits)
      The FAULT2SHA Working Group has been formally approved by the European Seismological Commission, at the 35th General Assembly in Sept 2016. The WG core supporters are pleased to announce a new initiative, open to all researchers interested in [...]

      New papers on paleoseismology, tsunami, and active tectonics (Feb 2017)

      Paleoseismicity [2017-02-01 19:15:41]   recommend this post  (379 visits)
      This year has already seen a good amount of publications that might be interesting for the paleoseismicity community. Since it’s still rather unpleasant outside (at least here in the UK), why not lean back in your comfy chair, drink a cup of tea [...]

      Mad King George Rides Again

      Ontario-geofish [2017-02-01 12:52:00]   recommend this post  (366 visits)
      Pity the poor American founding fathers.  They didn't have many models to go with.  They had monarchies, with Britain hosting a mad king.  And they had the Athenian wild and useless democracy.  So they muddled through with 3 levels of [...]

      Wild Weather

      Ontario-geofish [2017-02-01 12:36:00]   recommend this post  (351 visits)
      We are really into a post-El Nino weather pattern, which means 'anything goes'.  Right now, on this picture, we have both a high and a low plume from the Pacific.  These things will collide somewhere over Toronto.  The Gulf plume is quiet.  We [...]

      Demi Lovato reportedly has her house red tagged after a landslide in Hollywood

      The Landslide Blog [2017-02-02 08:49:01]   recommend this post  (350 visits)
      News reports suggest that after a landslide in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, a new house belonging to Demi Lovato has been red

      Earthquakes in time

      Geology in the West Country [2017-01-30 17:54:00]   recommend this post  (348 visits)
      Animations (with Music) of When and Where Earthquakes Occurred HERE are all the earthquakes between 1st January 2001 and 31st December 2015.And HERE are the largest Earthquakes since 1900.The music is not (in my opinion) all that great but the [...]

      Collection Manager. Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University

      WeBlog Aragosaurus [2017-01-30 10:51:00]   recommend this post  (347 visits)
      The The Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University  is looking for a Collection Manager for the Division of Historical Scientific Instruments. The collection of scientific instruments comprises several thousands items, with a strong [...]

      1931 Napier earthquake in New Zealand, a reshaping event

      Stephane on Blogger Earthquakes, geology and related topics... but not only [2017-02-02 19:35:00]   recommend this post  (344 visits)
      The 03/02/1931 Mw7.5+ Hawke’s Bay earthquake caused strong shaking and extensive damage in Napier, a city of the north-eastern coast of northern island of New Zealand. It is the deadliest quake in New Zealand (256). Reported intensities for the [...] | Impressum