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Geoblogosphere weekly review (17th week of 2013, 491 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. The Dragon’s Tales (32 posts)
  2. News (14 posts)
  3. Arizona Geology (9 posts)
  4. State of the Planet (9 posts)
  5. Geology News (7 posts)
  6. WeBlog Aragosaurus (6 posts)
  7. Mountain Beltway (6 posts)
  8. About Geology (5 posts)
  9. Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) (5 posts)
  10. Koprolitos (5 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. The Dragon’s Tales (1537 visits)
  2. News (680 visits)
  3. (569 visits)
  4. The Bite Stuff (537 visits)
  5. Arizona Geology (516 visits)
  6. State of the Planet (476 visits)
  7. Geological Society of London blog (468 visits)
  8. Geology News (465 visits)
  9. Mountain Beltway (384 visits)
  10. The GeoChristian (375 visits)


Top keywords:
  1. Geology (12)
  2. Earth (7)
  3. Daily Geology Photos (7)
  4. world (7)
  5. General Earth Institute (6)
  6. brachiopod (6)
  7. Climate Change (6)
  8. things (6)
  9. Science (5)
  10. time (5)
Top places:
  1. Brazil (17)
  2. United States (9)
  3. Utah (8)
  4. China (7)
  5. United Kingdom (5)
  6. Iowa (4)
  7. Turkey (4)
  8. Arizona (4)
  9. Japan (4)
  10. Bingham Canyon (4)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Jurassic (6)
  2. Triassic (5)
  3. Devonian (4)
  4. Silurian (3)
  5. Cretaceous (3)
  6. Cambrian (2)
  7. Ordovician (2)
  8. Paleogene (2)
  9. Neogene (1)
  10. Quaternary (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Mercury rising

Geological Society of London blog [2013-04-25 12:25:19]   recommend this post  (468 visits)
Minamata has become a word synonymous with disease. ‘Minamata disease’ was first identified in 1956, after years of chemical company Chisso discharging methyl mercury into Minamata Bay, Japan. It was a process that continued until 1968, and left [...]

Frog Face Revisited

The Bite Stuff [2013-04-24 10:09:03]   recommend this post  (290 visits)
Lest my readers think I’ve become dull, an upcoming post will have this in it, and an explanation. You will have to further pardon me while I make my next few posts NOT about this. Feel free to offer commentary … Continue reading

Amazing aerial photos of the Bingham Canyon Landslide [2013-04-22 00:53:27]   recommend this post  (265 visits)
There is a great collection of aerial photos and other photos from last week's Bingham Canyon Mine Landslide at Kennecott Utah Copper's Flickr Photostream. Thanks to my colleague Wolfgang Knudson at Golder for sending the link. There's a great [...]

An Oviraptorosaur Worth the Name?

The Bite Stuff [2013-04-25 10:15:19]   recommend this post  (247 visits)
The newest oviraptorosaur on the blog is, in fact, one of the oldest. Nick Longrich and colleagues (Ken Barnes, along with Scott Clark and Larry Millar from Paleo Field Excursions, who collect in the Big Bend area in which the … Continue [...]

Wooster’s Fossil of the Week: A pentamerid brachiopod from the Lower Silurian of New York

Wooster Geologists [2013-04-21 07:19:15]   recommend this post  (230 visits)
Another brachiopod this week. This simple fossil is an internal mold of the brachiopod Pentamerus oblongus (J. de C. Sowerby, 1839). It was a very common and widespread taxon throughout North America and Europe in the Early Silurian. This particular [...]

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Capitol Reef - In Snow!

Earthly Musings [2013-04-23 04:05:00]   recommend this post  (218 visits)
During the week of April 15 to 19, I led a group of seven explorers to southeast Utah and the stunning landscapes of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The first half of the week saw the arrival of winter storm Yogi. We were "encamped" in [...]

Around the web 4/21/2013 — Evolutionary evangelism, pink unicorns, and the man who sang before 200 million people

The GeoChristian [2013-04-22 01:48:07]   recommend this post  (213 visits)
I’D RATHER TALK ABOUT JESUS – Theologian and apologist C. Michael Patton made an important discovery about the “what about evolution?” question back when he was still a young-Earth creationist. Rather than trying to convince [...]

Life during jurassic, cretaceous,…miocene more at:...

geo-ebooks [2013-04-23 23:21:46]   recommend this post  (204 visits)
Life during jurassic, cretaceous,…miocene more at:

Is the Bingham Canyon copper mine landslide the most expensive single mass movement in history? [2013-04-22 00:53:54]   recommend this post  (192 visits)
Dr. Dave has some financial analysis of the Bingham Canyon Mine Landslide in Utah. His interpretation of some of the financial data being thrown around is a financial loss of $770M, ouch! [Source: Read the full post at The Landslide Blog. Image: The [...]

The PAGES-2k synthesis

Real Climate [2013-04-21 00:30:49]   recommend this post  (192 visits)
Guest commentary by Darrell Kaufman (N. Arizona U.) In a major step forward in proxy data synthesis, the PAst Global Changes (PAGES) 2k Consortium has just a suite of continental scale reconstructions of temperature for the past two millennia in [...] | Impressum