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Geoblogosphere weekly review (49th week of 2013, 593 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. News (31 posts)
  2. Ontario-geofish (11 posts)
  3. Theropoda (11 posts)
  4. State of the Planet (11 posts)
  5. Utah Geological Survey - blog (10 posts)
  6. Gunnars Geo-Blog (8 posts)
  7. Geological Society of London blog (7 posts)
  8. El Pakozoico (6 posts)
  9. I think mining (6 posts)
  10. The Hairy Museum of Natural History (5 posts)
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  1. News (746 visits)
  2. El Pakozoico (700 visits)
  3. Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) (600 visits)
  4. Wooster Geologists (565 visits)
  5. State of the Planet (539 visits)
  6. I think mining (452 visits)
  7. Louisville Area Fossils (366 visits)
  8. Reporting on a Revolution (326 visits)
  9. Georneys (315 visits)
  10. Eruptions (308 visits)


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  1. Advent calendar (8)
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  6. Spain (4)
  7. China (4)
  8. Zion National Park (4)
  9. United Kingdom (4)
  10. Vancouver (4)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Jurassic (4)
  2. Permian (3)
  3. Neogene (3)
  4. Cretaceous (3)
  5. Triassic (3)
  6. Carboniferous (3)
  7. Ordovician (3)
  8. Paleogene (2)
  9. Quaternary (2)
  10. Devonian (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Wooster’s Fossil of the Week: An encrusted cobble from the Upper Ordovician of Kentucky

Wooster Geologists [2013-12-01 06:21:27]   recommend this post  (565 visits)
In 1984 I pulled the above specimen from a muddy ditch during a pouring rain near the confluence of Gunpowder Creek and the Ohio River in Boone County, northern Kentucky. It changed my life. This limestone cobble eroded out of the Kope Formation, a [...]

Jurassic World: ¿Qué sabemos hasta ahora?

El Pakozoico [2013-12-06 10:30:00]   recommend this post  (533 visits)
Este año ha sido importante para los fans de la saga Jurásica que comenzó en 1993 con el estreno de "Parque Jurásico". No sólo hemos podido disfrutar de la película original reconvertida a 3D en cines, sino que se anunció la cuarta [...]

Que se preparen los tiranosáuridos norteamericanos... aquí llega Siats meekerorum

Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) [2013-12-04 08:00:00]   recommend this post  (518 visits)
Hace poco en este mismo blog se hablaba del nuevo tyrannosaurido de Norte América denominado Lythronax, cuyo descubrimiento aportaba nuevas hipótesis sobre la distribución de este clado durante el Cretácico Superior al oeste del continente [...]

Monday Geology Picture: Double Rock Arch and Sky

Georneys [2013-12-02 19:48:06]   recommend this post  (315 visits)
For this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post I thought I’d share a picture that I took in Arches National Park in Utah back in 2005. This picture shows a rock feature known as “The Double Arch”. Stunning, [...]

A Dispute About Adam And The Origins Of Humans

Reporting on a Revolution [2013-12-03 07:15:00]   recommend this post  (301 visits)
More than 40% Americans insist that God created humans in their present form less than 10,000 years ago. Probably a majority don't believe evolution at all or accept that it has played a role but one overseen by God in the history of life. Now [...]

Mining Mono Lake’s Rich Store of Climate History

State of the Planet [2013-12-06 22:04:57]   recommend this post  (288 visits)
Understanding the ancient climate history of Mono Lake will help scientists project what might happen in the future as the world warms up. This is no esoteric question for Los Angeles, whose nearly 4 million people depend in part on Mono Lake’s [...]

Platyceras dumosum pileum Snail Fossil

Louisville Area Fossils [2013-12-01 02:38:00]   recommend this post  (279 visits)
Picture of what appears to be a Platyceras dumosum pileum gastropod fossil. It was found in the Devonian limestone of Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA. This fossil is some sort of spiny snail.Thanks to my cousins Kenny and Chris for the pictures [...]

An informal meeting/workshop on paleoseismology of NW Europe in Utrecht, 9 January 2014

Paleoseismicity [2013-12-02 11:04:10]   recommend this post  (268 visits)
Paleoseismologists from northern Central Europe are meeting regularily for discussions, usually twice a year, and the next small workshop will take place in Utrecht on 9 January, 2014. The one-day meeting is dedicated to present latest results of [...]

Vancouver’s Sunshine Coast

I think mining [2013-12-02 03:25:10]   recommend this post  (264 visits)
We went this weekend to the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver.  A ferry ride and many small roads winding along picturesque scenery.  No sunshine but these

Etna’s New Southeast Crater Produces Another Explosive Show (Lava Flows Included)

Eruptions [2013-12-03 03:38:49]   recommend this post  (256 visits)
It appears that Etna is going full-steam-ahead right now with a constant stream of paroxysms. Tonight the Italian volcano had its third in a little over a week and although it was shrouded by clouds for much of the eruption, | Impressum