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The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Le anticipazioni di Science sul rapporto ICHESE confermate: difficile una interferenza delle attività umane in relazione ai terremoti del 2012

scienzeedintorni [2014-04-21 09:39:00]   recommend this post  (522 visits)
Douglas Adams, in una delle sue solite geniali battute disse: la gente vuole sapere le cose, poi che siano giuste o sbagliate non è importante. E, aggiungo vuole sapere di avere ragione. Le polemiche di questi giorni sulla commissione ICHESE ne [...]

Kinder Morgan permits 5 wells in St Johns CO2 field

Arizona Geology [2014-04-20 06:23:00]   recommend this post  (364 visits)
The Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission approved permits (#1189-1193) to Kinder Morgan CO2 Co. for 5 wells to develop the St. John's carbon dioxide field in eastern Arizona. Kinder Morgan plans on investing $1 billion in the CO2 operation [...]

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park: An Unexpected Place for Some Unexpected Science

Speaking of Geoscience [2014-04-23 15:00:30]   recommend this post  (350 visits)
by Ivan Gabriel Carabajal  Introduction I had never heard of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park (C&O Canal NHP) before applying for the Geological Society of America’s Mosaics in Science program. 2013 marked the debut of [...]

The Dogwoods are Blooming in Yosemite Valley! And North Dome, the Stuff of Legend

Geotripper [2014-04-21 00:12:00]   recommend this post  (338 visits)
The Pacific Dogwood (Cornus nuttalli) is a diminutive tree that forms some of the understory of Yosemite Valley's conifer forests. It seems practically invisible to park visitors (like me, anyway) most of the year except for two times: fall, when [...]

Wooster’s Fossils of the Week: A scleractinian coral and its tube-dwelling symbionts (Middle Jurassic of Israel)

Wooster Geologists [2014-04-20 07:21:37]   recommend this post  (319 visits)
I have a weakness for the beautiful scleractinian corals of the Matmor Formation (Middle Jurassic, Callovian-Oxfordian) of southern Israel. This particular specimen is Microsolena aff. M. sadeki from locality C/W-367 in Hamakhtesh Hagadol, southern [...]

Born This Day: Sir William Logan

Palaeoblog [2014-04-20 17:49:00]   recommend this post  (302 visits)
From Today in Science History: Logan (April 20, 1798 – June 22, 1875) was a Canadian geologist dubbed the "Father of Canadian Geology." He began is career making geologic maps of coalfields in Wales, noting the relationship between the [...]

Utah Park is a Gold Mine for Dinosaur Hunters

Utah Geological Survey - blog [2014-04-22 00:42:45]   recommend this post  (285 visits)
An exciting spotlight on some of Utah’s finest dino-country featuring James Kirkland, Utah State Paleontologist. If you know where to walk and what to look for, dinosaur bones are easy to find at Utah’s  Grand [...]

More About The Guy Who Almost Poisoned The Planet (As Seen on COSMOS Sunday Night)

Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [2014-04-21 06:23:45]   recommend this post  (274 visits)
If you saw COSMOS Sunday night, (20 April) then you might be fascinated by the story of Thomas Midgley who invented lead additives for gasoline, and formed the Ethyl Corporation. Neil deGrasse Tyson used the entire episode to tell the story Clair [...]

13. SteinForum – Denkanstöße für Querdenker

Netzwerk für geowissenschaftliche Öffentlichkeitsarbeit [2014-04-25 06:34:23]   recommend this post  (273 visits)
Querdenker, die bei der Planung und Gestaltung von Freiräumen auf

Posters at the European Geosciences Union general assembly – EGU 2014

José A. Álvarez-Gómez [2014-04-26 17:03:35]   recommend this post  (268 visits)
Tomorrow I am taking a plane to Vienna to enjoy, one more year, the awesome European Geosciences Union general assembly.  In case you are not going to be there (or you could not be there) I am posting here my … Continue reading | Impressum